Perseus 22 SDR Receiver 10kHz-225MHz

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Available from 26.04.2024

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Top Features

  • 2 x 2 channels, diversity reception
  • Reception of VLF - VHF
  • USB 3.0
  • High quality aluminum housing
  • Multiple status LEDs per channel

Supply Scope

  • Perseus 22 SDR Receiver
  • Power supply 9V 2A
  • Mains cable 230 VAC
  • USB-3 cable
  • 2 x SMA/BNC adapter

Microtelecom's groundbreaking Perseus SDR has been able to inspire a large number of shortwave listeners and cause a sensation worldwide for more than 15 years. With the Perseus 22, the long-awaited successor is now ready. Not only does it open up the additional possibility of VHF reception, but up to 4 antennas can be connected simultaneously without the need for a switch. 

The Perseus 22 is a direct sampling 4-channel receiver (SDR, "Software Defined Receiver") with a continuous frequency coverage from 9 KHz to 225 MHz and an image frequency rejection of 70 dB. 

All channels are synchronously sampled by a high-SNR 14-bit A/D converter and processed by a software-defined digital downconverter based on an FPGA logic grid. Outputs are routed to the PC via a USB 3.0 controller, enabling wide bandwidth IF applications.

All channels have an analog RF front end with filters, attenuators and amplifiers.

Essential characteristics of reception, operation, comfort and demodulation are determined by software. One example is the filters that protect the useful signal from interference. In place of earlier, inflexible individual filters for only a few bandwidths, software now filters the received signal. This allows the listener to tailor the bandwidth precisely for each interference situation and each modulation and operating mode, without having to spend money on additional filters or compromise on filter selection. New software is available for the Perseus 22, which has been adapted to the new range of functions.

The frequency coverage is divided into two groups of two channels each:

  • 2 channels VLF - HF (9 kHz - 70 MHz / 2 antenna connections)
  • 2 channels VHF (70 MHz - 225 MHz /2 antenna connectors)

Preselection HF1 & HF2:

  • LPF Filter (9-1700 kHz)
  • BPF filters 1.6-2.1, 2.1-3.0, 3.0-4.2, 4.2-6.0, 6.0-8.4, 8.4-12.0, 12-17, 17-24, 24-32 , 32-70 MHz Wb (9 kHz - 70 MHz Wide-Band Mode)

Attenuators HF1 & HF2:

  • 0-10-20-30 dB

Preselection VHF1 & VHF2:

  • Band1 70-112 MHz, Band2 112-137 MHz, Band3 137-174 MHz, Wb 125-225 MHz (usable as wideband IF)

Attenuators VHF1 & VHF2:

  • 0-6-18 dB

The channels can be connected in pairs for diversity reception, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio and makes even the weakest signals easier to read.

The Perseus 22's housing is made of rugged aluminum and has a fine, non-reflective surface finish.

Technical Data
Product Name Perseus 22
Supply Voltage [V] 9 V
Brand Elad
Weight 1.68 kg
Antenna Connector SMA socket
Frequency Range 10 kHz - 225 MHz
Size W x H x D 215 x 44 x 220 mm
Perseus 22 SDR Receiver 10kHz-225MHz
Perseus 22 SDR Receiver 10kHz-225MHz

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €2,012.61

Available from 26.04.2024

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