E-Tiouner DATV Receiver 250-2450 MHz

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Supply Scope

  • E-Tiouner DATV Receiver 250-2450 MHz
  • USB cable
  • Power cable with Powerpole plugs (other side open)

PF-RXSAT is a DATV (Digital Amateur Television) receiver, based on the project by Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP. To operate it, the freely available 'Mini-Tioune' software from F6DZP is required.

The PF-RXSAT uses a FTS-4334L tuner, which is typically used in DVB-S/S2 set-top boxes (satellite receivers). The universal interface via I2C bus control makes this tuner easy to use in amateur radio projects. The reception range is from 250 to approx. 2450 MHz, covering the three amateur radio bands 70cm, 23cm and 13cm without the need for additional down-converters.  Of course, commercial DVB-S signals can also be received.  The tuner can receive and decode symbol rates from 66k to 30M, DVBS and DVBS2 (QPSK to 32 APSK) can be used as modulation type. There are two connections for LNBs, the supply voltage (phantom voltage) comes from the tuner.

The PF-RXSAT is equipped with two Powerpole connections for the power supply, which are simply connected through. As supply voltage 10 to 20V DC can be used. A USB cable and a power cable with Powerpole plugs (other side open) are included in the delivery.

For commissioning, we refer to the project documentation by Jean-Pierre, F6DZP. The description can be found in English in the BATC Wiki. The Mini-Tioune software can be found in the DATV forum vivadatv.org (requires free registration).

Technical Data
Product Name PF-RXSAT
Brand Elad
Documentation Languages EN

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