Kenwood Set separation cable 4m f. TS-480

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Supply Scope

- 6-pole extension adapter (E58-0472-XX)
- 8-pole extension adapter (E58-0473-XX)
- 2x cable holder (J19-1433-XX)
- Screw set (N99-2016-XX)
- Pad (G13-0978-XX)
- Line filter for 8-pole cable (L79-1419-XX)
- Line filter for 6-pole cable (L79-1417-XX)
- 8-pole extension cable (E30-7521-XX)
- 6-pole 4 extension cable (E30-3488-XX)
- Loudspeaker extension cable (E30-7515-XX)
- Operating instructions (B62-1689-XX)

Panel extension kit 4 meters for Kenwod TS-480 transmitter.

Compatible with: TS-480HX and TS-480SAT.

Technical Data
Product Name PG-4Z
Brand Kenwood

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