Pneumatic masts 6 to 10 m

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Top Features

  • Very comfortable operation
  • Also for larger antennas
  • Free-standing or guyed
  • 6, 9 and 10 m height
  • Up to 100 kg top load

Supply Scope

  • Pneumatic mast
  • Tripod with tilt compensation

Technical description

The pneumatic masts consist of concentric sections with mutual anti-twist protection made of anodised aluminium tubes. A flange is mounted on the mast head onto which any loads can be mounted. A pneumatic mast is extended by means of compressed air. The mast is moved via a three-way valve UP/DOWN/STOP.

The pressure only has to be applied while the mast is being raised; a fully extended section is mechanically locked in the section below. In this way, the mast can also be locked at different heights.

To lower, the mechanical lock on the lowest segment is unlocked and the section above lowers. After the lowest segment has retracted, the handle of the next segment is within reach and can be pulled... and so on. The lowering speed is controlled by the valve.

The compressor needed to extend the mast is not included in the delivery; suitable compressors (25L boiler capacity is sufficient) are available by mail order or in DIY stores for a manageable budget. Of course, an existing compressed air connection can also be used (e.g. the compressed air available on a truck).

Application description

Pneumatic masts are excellent for conveniently lifting and lowering various loads such as antennae,. They can be used to raise and lower various loads such as antennas, lights or cameras. This makes it very easy to carry out antenna experiments, for which the antenna must be operated at a certain height above ground.

To set up the masts on flat surfaces, a tripod with tilt compensation is included in the delivery. This tripod (must also be fixed to the ground or to a foundation for masts specified as 'free-standing'. Alternatively, clamps are available to mount the masts to vertical walls or vehicles.

Notes on the use of individual models
The lighter models PMM 6/2.3 and PMM9/2.8 are intended for use with a guy wire. The maximum permissible wind load cannot be specified because this depends on the type of guy wire.

The specifications for the heavy model PMM10/2.9 apply to free-standing operation, whereby the mast bends mathematically about 66cm at the antenna surface and 120km/h mentioned. Therefore it is recommended to brace the mast. When operating with guy wires, the antenna surface can of course also be enlarged.

Technical Data
Product Name Pneumatic masts 6 to 10 m
Radius of tripod leg 152 cm
Brand WiMo

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