PNI F75 LED Headlamp, 6W

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Top Features

  • Very small and light, therefore comfortable to wear
  • Magnetic charging contact
  • 3 brightness levels
  • Headband removable

Supply Scope

  • PNI Adventure F75 LED Headlamp
  • Headband
  • LiIon battery
  • Charging cable USB with magnetic contact

The compact PNI Adventure F75 headlamp is a true lightweight, which nevertheless convinces with its performance. With only 63 grams (including battery), this headlamp is hardly noticeable when worn. The elastic and adjustable strap allows you to attach the lamp according to your preferences. Whether you wear it over a visor cap or directly on your head, the PNI Adventure F75 flexibly adjusts and can be swiveled up and down in its holder on the headband for optimal light alignment.

The luminous F75 features a powerful 6W CREE LED with 600 lumens of light output and a maximum range of 90 meters, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The light cone with uniform illumination is not too narrow, so that comfortable reading, working with a soldering iron or even repairing or tuning an antenna in insufficient light conditions are possible; in other words, whenever you need both hands.

Speaking of "power": The power can be adjusted in three stages, as required by the respective application. This means that not only can the lighting duration be extended, but unpleasant glare caused by reflection of the light from bright surfaces is also reduced. This makes for an eye-friendly experience, for example when reading a map on a night hike or filling out the logbook in the dark. The strobe function makes the lamp flash brightly at very short intervals, so in an emergency you can draw attention to yourself.

Simple operation

By pressing the multifunction button, the following modes can be accessed:

1. light output 40 %

2. light output 10

3. light output 100 % (for a maximum of 40 seconds, then 40 %)

4. stroboscope

5. off

Robust and weatherproof

Thanks to the sturdy aluminum housing and IPX4 weather protection, you don't have to fear rain showers during outdoor activities. Thus, this light is perfect for walking your dog, fishing, hunting, jogging, biking, camping, hiking and much more!

Comfortable and versatile

Due to its very light weight and elastic band, this headlamp is barely noticeable when worn. Since the headband is removable, the lamp unit can also be used as a traditional flashlight. The 90 degree angled position of the spotlight also lends itself to attachment to a multi-functional vest, backpack, shirt pocket, etc. A sturdy metal clip is provided for this purpose.

Easy charging without "plug"

The practical USB charging cable with magnetic contact enables uncomplicated charging of the battery. Advantages of the magnetic contact: 

- Very easy to attach even in the dark

- Penetration of dirt and moisture is avoided

- Damage to the plug or socket are avoided in case of accidental pull on the cable

Simply connect it to a powerbank, your laptop, a USB power supply or any other portable power source and the LiIon battery type "16340" will be charged in no time. Very practical: The LED indicator integrated in the cable shows you the charging status: Red LED light when charging, blue light signals a fully charged battery. Fully charged operating times of up to 2 hours are possible.

With the PNI Adventure F75 headlamp you always have a reliable light source at hand, which is bright and comfortable in any situation. Bring light into the darkness now with this versatile companion!

Technical Data
Product Name F75
Color Black
Battery Type Li-Ion
Brand PNI
Capacity [mAh] 700
Material Aluminium, anodisiert
Voltage [V] 3.7
Weight 63 g
Protection Class IP X4
Size W x H x D 75 x 25 x 25 mm

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