PNI Escort HP 55 mobile CB-transceiver multi norm

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Top Features

  • 80 channels FM, 40 channels AM
  • Auto-squelch function
  • Remote control microphone
  • 7 selectable display colors
  • Illuminated LC-Display with S-Meter (bar graph)

Supply Scope

  • PNI Escort HP 55 base unit
  • Remote control speaker microphone
  • Mounting bracket for base unit
  • Bracket for microphone
  • Power cable with plug for 12 V car socket
  • Instruction manual

Technical description Escort HP 55

The PNI Escort HP 55 is a very compact, registration and toll-free CB mobile radio in "black box" design with 80 FM and 40 AM channels and an output power of 4 watts.

Unlike classic devices, all functions are controlled directly via the microphone. The integrated, illuminated display shows the currently set channel as well as the strength of the received signal and other information about the device status.

The sensitivity of the receiver can be selected in 9 levels, for example, to listen only to stations in the vicinity. With the two-channel monitoring "Dual Watch", it is possible to alternately listen to another channel, such as the emergency channel 9, in addition to the currently set operating channel. The scan function scans all channels for activity and potential interlocutors.

Other feature highlights:

* 7 selectable display colors
* Manual squelch, 28-step
* Automatic digital squelch, 5-stage
* S-meter bar graph display
* Direct access to emergency channel 9 or 19
* Speaker mute
* Key lock
* Connection for external loudspeaker on base unit
* Headset connector (2-pin Kenwood connector)

Application description Escort HP 55

Who has not experienced this: You want to install a radio in your car, but the space conditions do not offer the possibility to mount the device easily accessible and safe. A problem that is unfortunately encountered in many modern vehicles.

PNI has recognized this circumstance and offers an intelligent solution with the CB radio Escort HP 55. The base part of the radio is mounted concealed in a suitable place, such as under the seat or in another location where it does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle. The mounting bracket has a quick-release fastener and allows the base unit to be removed quickly, without the need for tools. All buttons required for operation, loudspeaker and LC display with channel indicator are integrated in the microphone. The supplied holder allows the microphone to be mounted in optimal grip proximity. 

Like all of the manufacturer's devices we offer, this is a "multinorm" device, which can be easily adjusted by the user to the regulations of various European countries. Thus, even when traveling abroad, you always have the possibility of legal radio operation. 

The cable for the power supply is provided with a plug for the cigarette lighter or the 12 volt socket of the vehicle.

Video in German, by Sascha, DO7SHN
Technical Data
Product Name Escort HP 55
Supported Bands 11m
TX Power [W] 4 W
Max. Current Intake (A) 2
Brand PNI
Modes AM, FM
Weight 920 g
Antenna Connector PL socket
Bluetooth Interface No
Frequency Range 26.565 - 27.99125 MHz
Size W x H x D 110 x 120 x 27 mm
PNI Escort HP 55 mobile CB-transceiver multi norm
PNI Escort HP 55 mobile CB-transceiver multi norm

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