PNI Escort HP 8001L multi-standard mobile CB radio +headset

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Top Features

  • 80 channels FM, 40 channels AM
  • 4 watts transmitting power
  • Automatic squelch
  • Up/down microphone
  • Connector for headset

Supply Scope

  • PNI HP 8000L CB radio
  • handheld microphone with up/down buttons
  • Headset HS81L
  • Power cable with plug for cigarette lighter
  • Mounting bracket
  • Holder for microphone
  • Multilingual user manual

Technical description Escort HP 8001L

Memories are awakened here! The design of the Escort HP 8001L from PNI is strongly reminiscent of the popular mobile devices of well-known manufacturers from the 90s. Both the newcomer to the hobby "CB radio" as well as "old hands" the (re-)entry is made easy thanks to the very simple operation.

In contrast to the devices of yesteryear, however, the most modern technology is hidden inside the compact housing: 80 FM and 40 AM channels, 4 watts output power, selectable regional settings, adjustable automatic and manual squelch, channel selection via up/down keys on the radio and microphone, channel 19 direct access and key lock against unintentional inputs. 

The strength of incoming signals is indicated by 4 LEDs, the red 7-segment display provides information about the currently set channel. Separate rotary controls for volume and manual squelch ensure optimum ease of operation.

In addition to the Escort HP 8000L model, the HP8001L has an easily accessible connector on the front for the included headset with in-line PTT button.

For operation of the Escort HP 8001L, a power supply of 12 volts / 2 amps is required, for example from the cigarette lighter or the 12-volt socket of your vehicle. The supplied DC cable is already equipped with a suitable plug.

Application description Escort HP 8001L

A CB radio that is free of registration and fees in Germany and can be operated legally without any license, whether installed in a car or commercial vehicle: With the Escort HP 8001L you always have good contact to hobby friends from your region. Particularly fascinating: Sporadic atmospheric conditions, however, can extend the range up to several hundred or even thousands of kilometers, depending on the location, season and antenna used. 

With the mounting bracket included in the set, the radio can be easily mounted in an easily accessible location. The two thumbscrews allow the radio to be removed without tools if necessary. To ensure that the handheld microphone also has a fixed place and is always accessible, a corresponding holder is included.

So that you can continue to conduct radio operations in compliance with the rules even when on vacation in other European countries, the HP 8001L is simply switched to the applicable regional setting when crossing the border.

For even better and louder audio reproduction, especially in an operating environment with increased noise levels, an external speaker can be connected to the 3.5 mm jack socket located on the rear of the housing. The included headset is also very useful in this case. It can also be used when outsiders should not be disturbed.

Technical Data
Product Name Escort HP 8001L
Supported Bands 11m
TX Power [W] 4 W
Max. Current Intake (A) 2
Brand PNI
Modes AM, FM
Weight 800 g
Antenna Connector PL socket
Bluetooth Interface No
Frequency Range 26.565 - 27.99125 MHz
PNI Escort HP 8001L multi-standard mobile CB radio +headset
PNI Escort HP 8001L multi-standard mobile CB radio +headset

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