PNI Escort HP 8500 CB transceiver with FM radio + MP3

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Top Features

  • CB radio with 80 FM/40 AM channels
  • FM radio
  • MP3 playback via Micro-SD, USB, Bluetooth
  • Suitable for DIN slot
  • Switchable region for legal, Europe-wide radio operation

Supply Scope

  • PNI Escort HP 8500
  • handheld microphone with up/down buttons
  • DIN mounting frame
  • Mounting bracket with thumbscrews
  • Cable headset
  • Holder for microphone
  • Removal tools
  • Connection cables

Technical description PNI Escort HP 8500 CB-Mobilgerät mit Radio + MP3

Best entertainment on the road with the PNI Escort HP 8500. Registration and subscription free.

This innovative multi-talent combines several devices in one compact housing: richly equipped CB radio with switchable country standard, FM radio and MP3 player. 

Multinorm CB mobile radio

Equipped with 80 FM and 40 AM channels, dual-watch two-channel monitoring, automatic and manually adjustable receiver sensitivity and squelch, channel scan and easy-to-read LC display with S-meter, the Escort HP 8500 offers the features that characterize a modern CB radio.

Channel selection can be made both on the control panel and on the handheld microphone via up/down keys.

MP3 player

The integrated player can play .mp3 audio files from various sources: USB input, microSD card (max. 32 GB) and via Bluetooth connection.

FM radio reception

With the built-in radio receiver, you can listen to your favorite stations and be informed about the current traffic situation at any time.

For the backlight you can choose from 7 colors, so that your Escort HP 8500 integrates harmoniously into the lighting concept of the vehicle cockpit.

Application description PNI Escort HP 8500 CB-Mobilgerät mit Radio + MP3

Installed in the standardized, existing DIN radio slot in the car, truck, van, bus tractor or other commercial vehicle, the PNI HP 8500 cuts an excellent figure. The combination of CB radio and car FM radio in one housing not only saves space and increases ease of use, but also ensures good accessibility in the immediate vicinity of the operator. 

The audio output, including that of the CB communication, is provided by the speakers pre-installed in the vehicle. This ensures good sound at all times and under all conditions, your radio conversations are always well and understandably audible, even with loud ambient noise. This also eliminates the need for an additional external speaker, as is often used on mobile transceivers to improve audio quality in noisy encironments.

Another advantage, which should not be underestimated, is that all cables (vehicle speakers, power supply, antennas) have to be connected to just one device. Potential sources of error and hazards due to loosely laid cables can thus be avoided as far as possible.

Operation is simple and straightforward. Most functions can be operated directly via the keys on the front panel, and the device menu only needs to be called up in a few cases. The USB port and the slot for the microSD card are also easily accessible. An "AUX" input (3.5 mm jack socket), which is also present, allows sound playback from a device connected here.  

You want to communicate undisturbed or not disturb other people in the vehicle? Simply connect the headset included in the scope of delivery!

Even when driving in other European countries, you are always on the legal side: Simply switch on your HP 8500 to the applicable regional standard when crossing the border and remain on reception and in contact.

In case there is no DIN slot in the vehicle, the Escort HP 8500 can also be mounted elsewhere in the cockpit or in the driver's cab using the mounting bracket (included).

Technical Data
Product Name PNI Escort HP 8500 CB-Mobilgerät mit Radio + MP3
Supported Bands 11m
TX Power [W] 4 W
Brand PNI
Modes AM, FM, WFM (Rx)
Weight 1.94 kg
Antenna Connector PL socket
Bluetooth Interface Yes
Frequency Range 26.565 - 27.99125 MHz
Size W x H x D 160 x 52 x 180 mm

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