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PNI Escort HP 62 Multi-standard CB Mobile/Handheld Radio

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Top Features

  • Complete radio built into the hand-held control unit
  • LC-Display with S-Meter display
  • Full 4 Watt transmit power
  • Can be used as handheld radio with optional accessories

Technical description

Mobile radio or handheld radio? The decision has never been easier: PNI Escort HP 62

The basis of the HP 62 is a handheld radio with switchable country standard, illuminated multifunction display with channel indicator, S-meter and status indicators, microphone and speaker as well as all necessary controls. As usual for a handheld radio, there is an antenna connector (BNC socket) on the top for a plug-on antenna.

The highlight: By using a mobile adapter with PL connector for a mobile antenna and plug for a 12 volt cigarette lighter, the HP 62 can be ideally used as a mobile device. Unlike conventional mobile devices, there are no problems with installation, since you hold the complete radio "in your hand" and there is no basic device for which a suitable place must first be found under or next to the seat, in the dashboard or elsewhere. Connect the vehicle antenna, establish power supply and immediately go on the air on 80 channels FM and 40 channels AM with the maximum permitted transmission power of 4 watts. 

Despite the very compact design, you do not have to do without either a high level of operating convenience or good features. Manual and automatic squelch, scan function, dual watch two-channel monitoring and direct access to the emergency call / call channels 9 and 19 are just as on board as a receiver sensitivity adjustable in 9 steps.

Connection options for a headset or an external loudspeaker are also available. The channel selection is done via up/down keys, the volume and squelch settings via two separate rotary controls.

The HP 62 feels excellent in the hand, all device functions can be reached directly via the well-positioned controls.

Application description

You are probably familiar with this situation: You want to buy a well-equipped CB radio for mobile operation, but you are also interested in a fancy handheld radio. PNI takes this tough decision off your hands and makes it easy.

No matter what your initial situation is, we have the right solution for you:

In case you want to use your Escort HP 62 exclusively in your vehicle for the time being, opt for our complete set including the inconspicuous magnetic base antenna "Extra48". This is simply attached to the vehicle roof or trunk lid without drilling and the 4 meter long cable with the already attached plug is connected to the radio. 

You already have a suitable CB mobile antenna for your vehicle? Then opt for the radio without antenna.

No matter what you decide, it is always possible to turn your Escort HP 62 into a full-fledged handheld radio. With our optionally available portable kit, consisting of a clip-on antenna, battery and charger, you can turn your mobile radio into a handheld radio in just a few seconds, which you can take with you wherever you go, e.g. on your next hike or bike tour. Of course, all features remain fully intact, eliminating the time-consuming process of learning to use another radio, as well as the need to purchase an additional handheld radio.

Like all our CB radios from PNI, the Escort HP 62 can be used in many European countries without any problems. For this purpose, only the regionally valid standard is set when crossing the border, allowing you to communicate legally on the assigned frequencies. The current selected country code is visible in the display, so nothing stands in the way of radio operation on your next vacation.

Video in German, by Sascha, DO7SHN
Technical Data
Product Name PNI Escort HP 62 Multi-standard CB Mobile/Handheld Radio
Supported Bands 11m
TX Power [W] 4 W
Frequency Range 26.565 - 27.99125 MHz
Size W x H x D 73 x 92 x 35 mm
Brand PNI
Modes AM, FM
Weight 425 g
Antenna Connector PL socket
PNI Escort HP 62 Multi-standard CB Mobile/Handheld Radio
PNI Escort HP 62 Multi-standard CB Mobile/Handheld Radio

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