Set of 2
0.5 watt
8 + 8 channels
LiIon batteries

POLMAR GEMINI PMR446 handheld radio, pair

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Top Features

  • 8 channels, each with and without CTCSS
  • LCD display
  • Simple operation
  • Energy saving function
  • Robust, dust and splash water protected (IP54)
  • Scan function
  • Illuminated LC display

Supply Scope

  • 2 POLMAR GEMINI handheld radios
  • 2 Li-Ion batteries 3,7 V / 1200 mAh
  • 2 desktop rapid chargers
  • 2 headsets
  • 2 belt clips
  • 2 lanyards
  • User manual (EN/IT)

Technical description GEMINI

The POLMAR GEMINI is an analog handheld radio for the internationally approved PMR446 range. The GEMINI operates on 8 different frequencies in the range of 446.00625 - 446.09375 MHz with a transmit power of 0.5 Watt, sufficient for group communication over distances up to several kilometers (depending on terrain and own location).

The use of die-cast aluminum for the case not only has a positive effect on stability and longevity, but also offers the advantage of better heat dissipation, even if you are on the air for a bit longer.

In addition to 8 "normal" channels, 8 CTCSS channels are also available, thus avoiding interference from other users on the same frequency. These are shown in the display with channel numbers from 1 - 16.

The practical scan function allows you to quickly find an "active" channel without having to repeatedly press the channel selection buttons.

The squelch can be adjusted via the keyboard, so an adaptation to difficult transmission conditions is feasible, for example to make weaker signals consciously audible.

Application description GEMINI

This makes mobile communication fun: No costs for registration, no fees during operation. The POLMAR GEMINI combines simple and intuitive operation with useful features in an ergonomic, sporty and elegant housing.

There are virtually no limits to the range of applications for PMR446 radios: From reliable team communication in the warehouse or at events to communication with friends during leisure time: the GEMINI handheld radios are the ideal tool. The energy-saving function ensures a long operating time, and the remaining battery capacity is shown as a multi-level bar graph in the illuminated LC display. 

For quick access to the device, a belt clip and a practical lanyard are included in each case. With the included headset, you can not only reliably understand your conversation partner(s) at high noise levels, but also communicate discreetly in a dignified atmosphere without disturbing outsiders.

Operation is child's play: switch on the device, select the channel, adjust the volume and start talking. No further settings need to be made.

Technical Data
Product Name GEMINI
TX Power [W] 500 mW
Supported Bands 446 MHz (PMR)
Number of Memories 8 + 8
Temperature Range -10°C - +50°C
Weight 131 g
Antenna Connector None, antenna not removable
Bluetooth Interface No
Size W x H x D 55 x 105 x 31 mm
POLMAR GEMINI PMR446 handheld radio, pair
POLMAR GEMINI PMR446 handheld radio, pair

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