0.5 W
8 + 8 Ch
3x AA Batt.


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Top Features

  • 0.5 Watt transmitting power
  • Operation with standard batteries
  • Dual-channel monitoring
  • Selective call (CTCSS, DCS)
  • VOX function
  • Acknowledgement tones
  • Illuminated LC display

Supply Scope

  • TACTICAL PMR446 handheld radio
  • 6 pcs alkaline batteries, type AA
  • Belt clip
  • Antenna
  • Operating instructions (EN/IT)

Technical description Tacttical

The model "Tactical" from POLMAR operates in the standardised frequency range PMR446 (446.00625 - 446.09375) with FM modulation. This makes it compatible with many PMR446 radios, including those from other manufacturers. It offers 8 + 8 programmed channels, whereby the memories are differentiated by selective calling methods such as CTCSS or DCS.

The radio is powered by 3 standard "AA" size batteries, suitable rechargeable batteries of the same size and voltage can also be used. The transmitting power is 0.5 Watt (as required by law). With this and the good sensitivity, a range of several kilometres is given, depending on the location and the terrain.

The compact dimensions of only 113 x 60 x 27 mm (without antenna) and the low weight of only 168 g make the Tactical ideally suited for emergency equipment.

Application description Tacttical

Small, simple and well equipped - this is how the "TACTICAL" model from the supplier POLMAR presents itself. The analogue FM radio for the internationally approved PMR446 range may be operated without a licence in Germany and many other countries.

As a backup or "always with you" device, the POLMAR TACTCAL is very well suited to support teams in everyday life. By using standard battery sizes (AA cells), the power supply is guaranteed worldwide. Alkaline batteries can be stored well, which makes this type of power supply particularly suitable for keeping in the emergency kit, for example.

With its easy-to-read LC display and clearly structured keypad, the "TACTICAL" makes it particularly easy to operate, even if the unit is rarely used. The loudspeaker ensures good speech intelligibility, the good sensitivity and standardised transmitting power of 0.5 Watt offer good range (depending on buildings and terrain).

The equipment of this PMR446 radio offers the well-known comfort functions such as selective call (CTCSS and DCS), an adjustable squelch, keypad lock and automatic switch-off. A special feature is the "Dual Watch" function, which makes it possible to monitor two channels simultaneously. A separate key is dedicated to the "Emergency" channel, the frequency is freely programmable.

Technical Data
Product Name Tacttical
TX Power [W] 500 mW
Supported Bands 446 MHz (PMR)
Antenna Connector None, antenna not removable
Bluetooth Interface No
Size W x H x D 60 x 113 x 27 mm

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