PowerBox - enclosure for rech. batteries

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  • PowerBox - housing for batteries

Model variant 2021, without voltmeter, additional internal connector PowerPole SB50 (grey).

The 'PowerBox' is a portable enclosure for various rechargeable batteries with a capacity of up to 50 Ah. On the top side the box offers a large selection of connectors, like they are commonly used in amateur radio, RC models and other application: two pairs of PowerPole connectors, one car socket, 2x USB (5V) and one par of large binding posts (banana sockets). With these connectors you can hook up nearly any device very easily - regardless if you are on a fieldday, on the model aerodrome or going camping.

The illuminated on/off switch isolates the smaller sockets and USB sockets to prevent a slow discharge while in storage. The battery is protected with a 25A blade fuse. The internal size is large enough for most common rechargeable batteries: 279 × 177 × 150 mm (W×H×D). Of course you can also fit smaller batteries, those might require additional padding with styrofoam or similar material.

It does not matter which battery technology you use: Lead Acid, AGM or LiIon batteries all work with this system. You can connect the recharger directly to the heavy binding posts, because they are directly conencted to the battery, protected by a 25A fuse. This makes charging very easy without the need to remove the battery from the enclosure.

Technical Data
Product Name PowerBox
Brand PowerPole

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