Power meter with PowerPole, with USB connector

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PWRcheck is an instrument for power measurements of DC voltages. A USB connector can be used to read the measured or stored values to a computer. The instrument is inserted into the DC line between source and sink, connectors are Anderson PowerPoles®.

The PWRcheck instrument measures all required values of a DC-powered device like voltage, current, wattage and amp hours. It measures all voltages from 0 to 60V DC, current up to 40A continous load. The display can be switched to display various combinations of these values, either digital or analog display. The precison of the PWRcheck is ±10mV and ±10mA. The dot matrix LC display is backlit, two push buttons on the front panel help select the display.

The PWRcheck instrument can also be used as a data logger. Measured values are stored in regular, adjustable intervals and can be read later via the USB interface. The instrument stores up to 174.000 values, taking one measurement per minutes this adds up to more than four months of data! This enables you to monitor remote installations like repeater stations, solar power panels or battery backups over a very long period. The data memory is retained also when powered off. The USB interface also offers varios configuration parameters, for example alarm values for voltage and current. The required Windoes software is included in the shipment as well as an USB cable. The software also permits to read the real time values of measurement. A graphical display shows long term data, the data points can be exported to a spreadsheet software.

The PWRcheck is supplied either by the source which is currently measured, or by USB. When measuring voltages below 8V a USB connection is mandantory. The own consumption is between 60 and 120mA. The backlight of the LC display has an adjustable timeout to save power. The metal case has screw terminals for easy installation to the wall or in an instrument cabinet. Size 117 x 70 x 25mm, weight 500g.
Technical Data
Product Name PowerCheck
Brand RigRunner

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