Powerguard Plus voltage monitor

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Available from 31.03.2024


The PowerGuard Plus module is a voltage monitor that switches off the load in the event of overvoltage or undervoltage. This prevents damage to the load (e.g. a radio) and deep discharge of an accumulator. Short-term undercutting of the minimum input voltage is not signalled as a malfunction in order to avoid an unintentional switch-off when the transmitter is pressed.

An additional sensor input can be used to switch off the output voltage. For example, a key switch can be set up to prevent transmission when working on the antenna. Or a level switch can be used to boost a pump, and much more.

The lower response threshold is 11V, the upper threshold is 15V. If necessary, these thresholds can be changed, please contact the supplier. The maximum current that can be delivered via the PowerGuard POlus is 40 A for limited periods, 30 A permanently.

Switching on/off is done by means of a semiconductor with current limiting, thus avoiding bouncing or voltage peaks. LEDs signal the status of the PowerGuard Plus module, and in the event of an alarm, an acoustic alarm (which can be switched off) sounds.  The current monitor is equipped with Anderson PowerPole connectors.

Technical Data
Product Name PowerGuard Plus
Max. Current Output (A) 40 A
Brand PowerPole
Documentation Languages EN

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