POWERmini2: Solar charge controller

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The POWERmini2 is a rugged solar charge controller for energy autonomous, portable operations.

Most amateur radio equipment is made for operation with 12V DC. But if you want to use a 12V DC system with rechargeable batteries and solar energy, you have to carefully manage the charge and discharge cycles of the battery and protect the solar panel. The POWERmini manages exactly these tasks for you.

The POWERmini2 manages the charge and discharge cycles of a battery, the battery technology can be either ztraditional leadacid type or Lithium ION type. The solar panel should not supply more than 10 A, the charge controller protects the battery against overcharge. The load current to the radio is limited to 32A, two powerpole connector sets are provided for loads. The solar panel and battery also use Powerpole connectors.

Besides limiting the charge and discharge currents, the controller also watches the current charge state of the battery. This protects the battery against over charge as well as deep discharge. Towards the radio the maximum voltage is also limited to an user adjustable value, if the voltage exceeds this limit the load is automatically disconnected to protect the equipment. Same for undervoltage, the load is diconnected when the battery voltage drops below an user adjustable voltage to protect the battery. The solar panel is protected against reverse current flow. If the current exceeds 32A the load is also diconnected to protect against short circuit situations.

Additionally the POWERmini2 measures the received and dispensed charge of the battery. This gives you an immediate overview of the energy reserves available for radio operations. The OLED display of the charge controller shows voltage of the solar panel as well as the battery, the solar and discharge current and charge in ampère hours. In case of a malfunction or exceeded limit an acoustic and optical alarm is signalled.

The PowerMini2 also has a USB port for charging a mobile phone. Voltage 5.2V, max. current 4A!

The size of the charge controller is 115 x 82 x 33mm, the weight is approx. 176 g.
Technical Data
Product Name POWERMINI
Max. Current Output (A) 25
Brand Buddipole
Temperature Range 0 - 40 °C
Weight [kg] 0.18 kgs

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