PowerPlus: UPS controller, charge controller and more

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The PowerPLUS System offers many functions which are always required by a portable, battery operated radio system:

  • Uninterruptible switching between power sources (UPS)

  • Battery charger for batteries up to 100Ah, various technologies

  • USB cahrger with current limiter

  • Battery control, protection against deep discharge, overvoltage protection

  • Settable current limiter on consumers, with alarm

  • Display of voltage and current, also graphical

The PowerPLUS DC Management System has eight connectors: two for power sources, four for consumers such as radios, and two USB sockets. The two power sources can be, for example, two batteries or an AC power supply plus a battery. In the event of failure of one source, the system switches to the battery without interruption. During normal operation, the backup battery is charged. A wide variety of battery technologies (NiCD, lead, NiMH, LiIon, etc.) can be selected here so that the charging curve fits exactly the technology and the battery is not overcharged. Depending on the battery type, the intelligent charging electronics automatically use three or four stages for charging and charge conservation (trickle charge).

The four consumers are individually adjustable to a maximum current consumption. If the current is too high, a limit is set and an alarm is issued. In the same way, the consumer is disconnected if there is a danger that the battery will be deeply discharged. An overvoltage protection is also provided to protect radios against damage. The two USB sockets can be used to charge mobile phones, tablet computers or to drive LED lamps.

The entire system is monitored in all parameters and the data is presented on a small OLED display. You can see system voltage, power consumption, etc. The operation is menu controlled with seven push buttons on the PowerPLUS. The device is housed in a robust aluminium housing with rubber edge protection and can withstand rough fieldday use. Weight approx. 320g, dimensions 203 x 81 x 50 mm. All connectors Powerpole or USB A-socket.
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