Panelmount frame 3 hole

Panelmount frame 3 hole

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Very versatile mounting system for panel mounted instruments and connectors. Ideal for the power supply in the shack, on board of a boat or in a box for portable power supply with rechargeable batteries. The panel mounts are available with two, three or four places for installations. The result is a neat organisation of displays, connectors and USB sockets. We offer various instruments for installation, please see below. The holes have a diameter of 3cm (1-3/16").

Installation is very easy, just drill the holes with a hole saw. The panels itself are installed with four screws. The panel mounts are made from impact resistant polyethylene and are weatherproof. The installation can be done horizontally or vertically. The POD2 takes two instruments and can be placed on to or on the side of a case or on a dashboard.


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