Preppcomm DMX 40m Morse Code Transceiver

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Top Features

  • CW operation without any previous knowledge
  • Excellent Morse code decoder
  • Color 3.5" touch display 
  • Lightweight and compact

Supply Scope

  • Preppcomm DMX
  • USB keyboard
  • DC Connector

Technical description DMX

CW - rethought

The Preppcomm DMX combines a CW QRP transceiver for the 40 m band with an excellent Morse code encoder/decoder in a single lightweight and compact housing. The touch-sensitive color display makes the received characters visible to you in plain text, thanks to callsign recognition you always keep track. The DMX allows you to become active in this fascinating operating mode immediately, even without any prior CW knowledge. 

You simply enter your own transmissions via the supplied USB keyboard as if you were writing a text, completely stress-free. The DMX reliably takes over the conversion into Morse code completely, you can fully concentrate on the QSO. Especially under difficult conditions, such as emergency radio operations, this is a very decisive factor. Incoming and outgoing messages are displayed in different colors for better differentiation. 

With its unique signal processing algorithms, the Morse code decoder outperforms many other devices available on the market.

All you need is a 50 Ohm antenna, coaxial cable with connectors and a power source to provide the supply voltage of 12 V DC / 1 A.

Frequency range (TX):

40 m: 7.0 - 7.3 MHz

Frequency range (RX):

4.9 - 10.2 MHz

Thus, on the receiving side, the shortwave broadcast bands 49 m, 41 m, and 31 m are completely covered, as well as the 60 m band partially. SSB reception is also possible in this frequency range.

Application description DMX

The DMX is not only an excellent stand-alone solution for portable operation, SOTA, POTA, fieldday, EMCOMM, camping or a spontaneous trip to the countryside, but can also be perfectly integrated into the existing station infrastructure: Use your existing, powerful equipment and use the device simply and at the push of a button only as a Morse code decoder and encoder.

The so-called microprograms also make operation even easier: These allow automated transmission of preset scenarios such as a general or directed call, answer or station info with details of QTH, own callsign and more. 

Important and frequently used frequencies can be stored and alphanumerically named for quick recall. For this purpose, the DMX provides 10 memory locations. And thanks to the possibility to receive outside the amateur radio bands, you don't have to miss the latest news from all over the world, even on vacation or when regional FM radio stations fail: Several commercial radio stations on shortwave provide you with programs in numerous languages day and night.

No matter if you have been operating in CW mode for many years or if you are learning to transmit and receive Morse code for the first time: With the Preppcomm DMX you are always on the safe side!

Technical Data
Product Name DMX
Supported Bands 40m
TX Power [W] 3 W (12 V); 4.5 W (16 V)
Brand Preppcomm
Modes CW, AM (Rx), SSB (Rx)
Weight 300 g
Antenna Connector SMA socket
Bluetooth Interface No

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