Mosley PRO-95 5 Band Beam, 9 El.

Mosley PRO-95 5 Band Beam, 9 El.

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The PRO-95 is the best 5 band antenna for mamateur radio. The tubes are made of heavy duty aluminium alloy, the mounting hardware made of best stainless steel, making this antenna last for many, many years. This antennas has been tested by the hurricanes Hugo and Andrew, and, like all other Mosley antennas, without harm...

For exceptionally harsh environments, the Pro-95 is available with a 75mm boom.

The PRO-95 has:

-6 active elemente for 10m,

-4 active elemente for 12m,

-4 active elemente for 15m,

-4 active elemente for 17m and

-4 active elemente for 20m.
Technical Data
Product Name Pro-95
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand Mosley
Supported Bands 20m
Weight 65.3 kg
Number of Elements 9
Boom length [cm] 1100 cm
Polarisation Horizontal
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi

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