Mosley PRO-96, 6 Band Beam, 9 El.

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The best of the PRO series!

The PRO-96 is as good as 6 monoband antennas, wrapped in one beam. The PRO-96 has wide spaced elements for 10 to 20m and three narrow spaced elelemnts for 40m. This beam is intended for installation on tiltable or telescopic towers.

Der PRO-96 withstands windspeeds up to 125km/h, with 6mm ice thickness up to 105km/h. For exceptionally hard environments the PRO-96 is available with a 75mm boom, which then withstands windspeeds of up to 160km/h, with 6mm ice up to 125km/h.

The PRO-96 offers 6 active elements for 10m, 4 active elements for 12m, 4 active elements for 15m, 4 active elements for 17m, 4 active elements for 20m and 3 (!) active elements for 40m.
Technical Data
Product Name Pro-96
Brand Mosley
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Supported Bands 40m
Number of Elements 9
Boom length [cm] 1100 cm
Polarisation Horizontal
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Weight [kg] 74.30 kgs

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