Proset Elite Profi-Headset w/ HC-6

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The professional headphone/microphone combo Heil Proset Elite fills the upper range of Heil headsets. The Proset Elite offers large, round padded earpads with removeable cotton covers. These earpads allow comfortable use even for long times. The audio rendition is adopted to voice transmission for amateur radio, resulting in an excellent intelligibility. As all headsets of the 'Proset' series the Elite headset is equipped with a phase switch on one speaker. This phase switch shifts the audio on one side of the phones by 180°, resulting in a often surprisingly better intelligibility, a nearly 'spatial' localisation of the signal and better separation from background noise becomes possible.

Another innovation on the Proset Elite is the new dynamic microphone element HC-6, which is offered for this headset. Bob Heil introduces this new element as a response to the many newer radios which offer a transmit audio equalizer (e.g. FT-2000, FT-950, IC-7400, IC-756Pro etc). Due to this equalizer there is no more need for special mic elements with reduced bandwidth (like the HC-4). The new HC-6 has a wide frequency response with -3dB points at 100 and 12500Hz and is highly suitable for SSB or AM/FM with high fidelity. For contest or DX operations you can adjust the equalizer in the radio for better 'punch'.

For older Icom radios, which require a higher microphone audio level, the Proset Elite is also offered with the 'IC' electret mic element. This element requires 5V supply voltage, which is available on nearly all Icom transceivers.

The Heil Proset Elite comes with a 180cm long spiral cable, which is equipped with a 3.5mm mono phone plug for the microphone, and a 3.5mm stereo phone plug for the headphones. Included is an adaptor 3.5 to 6.3mm phone plug stereo. The Proset Elite further requires an adaptor AD-1-x-x for your radio.
Technical Data
Product Name Pro Set Elite
Brand Heil Sound

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