Proset Elite Profi-Headset incl. HC-6

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  • Proset Elite Professional Headset with HC-6
  • 3.5mm jack female to 6.3mm jack plug male
  • Instruction manual EN
The headphone/microphone combination Heil Proset Elite (PSE) complements the professional range of headsets upwards.

The Proset Elite has large, round ear pads with a removable cotton cover and is very comfortable to wear, even over long periods of time. The reproduction is adapted to the voice transmission in amateur radio and thus ensures excellent intelligibility. Like all headphones in the 'Proset' range, the Proset Elite is equipped with the phase reversal switch on the right ear cup. This switch reverses the phase on one side for amazingly better intelligibility, even with telegraphy! The signal takes on a spatial character that contributes significantly to better differentiation between signal and background noise.

The big innovation in the Proset Elite is the new dynamic HC-6 capsule, which is offered with this headset. This is Bob Heil's response to the large number of modern transceivers that have a built-in equaliser for the transmitted signal (FT-2000, FT-950, IC-7400, IC-756Pro and many more). This equaliser eliminates the need for special microphone capsules with matched (narrow) frequency responses, such as those known from the HC-4. The new HC-6 capsule has a quite wide frequency response with -3dB points at 100Hz and 12.5kHz, making it suitable for SSB or AM/FM with broadcast quality. And in contest or pileup the HC-6 also scores with its concise modulation, here the equalizer of the radio is adjusted accordingly.

Frequency response Heil HC-6

For older Icom radios that require a higher microphone level, Heil offers the Proset Elite with the well-known 'IC' electret capsule. This mic capsule requires 5V supply voltage, which is offered by virtually all Icom transceivers on the mic jack.

The Proset Elite headset is supplied with an approx. 180cm long coiled cable fitted with a 3.5mm jack plug (mono) for the microphone and a 3.5mm jack plug (stereo) for the headphones. An adapter to 6.3 mm jack stereo is included.

The Proset Elite also requires an AD-1-x-x adapter. These adapters are available for almost all common radios.
Technical Data
Product Name Pro Set Elite
Brand Heil Sound

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