Radio Analog

PTRX-9700 Panadapter for Icom IC-9700

PTRX-9700 Panadapter for Icom IC-9700

Radio Analog
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Top Features
  • Spektrum adapter for IC-9700
  • Clean decoupling of the IF signal
  • Unproblematic installation
  • Can be removed completely without leaving any residues
  • All functions of the radio are retained
Supply Scope
  • PTRX-9700 Main Board
  • Reference Injection Board
  • 4x U.FL Jumper Cabl 10 cm
  • 1x Signal Jumper Cable, 5 pins, 16 cm
  • 1x SMA Jumper cable 50 cm
  • 2x Stand-Off and Screws
  • 1x U.FL Tool

Technical description PTRX-9700

The PTRX-9700 interface is a panadapter for the Icom IC-9700. The board picks up the IF signal of the transceiver and forwards it buffered and slightly amplified to the outside. Now, for example, an SDR receiver can be used to display the signal.

The advantage of this solution is the clean decoupling of the IF from the transceiver. In this way, the signal is picked up without loss and no feedback is possible. The IF signal can be used with an inexpensive SDR receiver with the appropriate software. This gives a very clear spectrum and waterfall diagram of the HF signal, the resolution and display of which can be set much more accurately and better by the software than on the display of the radio itself.

Only existing housing features such as holes, sockets, etc. are used for installation. This makes installation easy and without much prior knowledge without any problems. The existing "REF IN" socket of the IC-9700 is used for coupling out the IF signal. In order to use the socket at the same time for feeding in a reference clock signal, a suitable crossover (Reference Injector Board) is supplied. Therefore, no function of the transceiver is lost. All necessary parts and cables are included in the delivery. Installation takes a maximum of 30 minutes. The PTRX-9700 can be removed from the IC-9700 without leaving any residues or permanent marks. All functions of the radio are retained and the HF characteristics are not affected.

Application description PTRX-9700

As nice as the display of the IC-9700 is for use and quick orientation - sometimes you would like to have a larger display and a better resolution. The retrofit option PTRX-9700 creates exactly these possibilities.

The PTRX-9700 board is installed in the IC-9700 transceiver, and all parts are included. The result is an IF signal that can easily be routed to an inexpensive SDR receiver. With this SDR and the appropriate software such as SDR+, SDr-Console, HDSDR etc., the IF signal can now be displayed much more precisely on the large PC screen. Of course, the output and can also be used to receive and decode another signal while the VFO of the IC-9700 is set to a completely different frequency or, for example, scans several frequencies. It is also possible to control the transceiver through the PC software, for example, via the 'Omnirig' software that operates the CAT interface of the IC-9700.

The installation of the PTRX-9700 is unproblematic because nothing has to be modified on the radio's housing. If you prefer to have the installation done by WiMo, please contact us.

Technical Data
Suitable for IC-9700
Product Name PTRX-9700
Documentation Languages EN
Weight [kg] 0.04 kgs
The developer and manufacturer 'Radio Analog' from Turkey is a small company specialising in high-frequency devices and embedded designs. Only devices from this original developer offer the certainty that the interface will work without problems!


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