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PTT cable for Yaesu FT-991

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Supply Scope

  • PTT cable

Cable for PTT control of powertransmit amplifiers (power amplifiers) with various Yaesu transceivers, 8-pin MiniDIN plug to RCA plug.

This cable uses the "Tx Gnd" signal of the tuner/linear socket of the radio. As soon as the radio is switched to transmit (no matter how, by microphone PTT, by vox, by morse key or by CAT command) this signal goes to ground and thus keys the power amplifier.

This cable can be used for all Yaesu transceivers with 8-pin "Tuner/Linear" socket, these are among others

  • FT-991A
  • FT-857D
  • FT-897D
  • FT-710/FT-710Field

The maximum possible switching power depends on the radio. Before using this cable, please check whether the switching power is sufficient to drive your chosen power amplifier. Most modern power amplifiers in transistor technology should operate without any problems.

Technical Data
Product Name YS-LIN-PTT
Suitable for FT-991, FT-710, FT-857D, FT-897D
Brand WiMo
Cable Length [m] 1.8 m
Weight 60 g
Connector A MiniDIN, 8 pin
Connector B RCA Plug
PTT cable for Yaesu FT-991
PTT cable for Yaesu FT-991

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €32.77

In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

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