LNBs for Satellite operations on 10 GHz (QO-100)

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Top Features

  • Modified, low-noise LNB incl. Bias-T
  • Optional 25 MHz TCXO or 10 MHz ext. ref. input
  • Optionally with or without POTY adapter
  • IF on 432 or 739/618 MHz
  • For EME, Tropo or QO-100

Technical description

The LNBs from qro.cz are prepared for operation on QO-100 or for EME/Tropo DX. For this purpose, different models are offered which convert either to 432 MHz or to 739 MHz (for QO-100 operation) or to 618 MHz (for EME/Tropo operation). Thus, either an existing 70cm transceiver can be used as a repeater, or a receiver like an SDR.

The LNBs either have a built-in 25 MHz TCXO as clock generator, or expect an external clock source via the same coaxial cable that is used to output the received signal. Thus, even with external clock, only one cable is needed to the LNB.

The scope of delivery always includes a Bias-T, via which the LNB is supplied with voltage. The polarisation of the LNB can be switched from horizontal to vertical with different voltages. The versions of the Bias-T without 10 Mhz ref. input are supplied with voltage via screw terminals on the PCB. Connections 2x F, 1x SMA.

In the version with external 10 MHz reference input, the Bias-T is housed in a case and offers configurable clock supply with an integrated 25 MHz TCXO (0.2 ppm) or a highly accurate external 10 MHz clock source, e.g. a GPSDO or a rubidium standard. This always ensures the best possible frequency accuracy and consistency. Please note that the phase noise of the external source should be very low, because it directly affects the quality of the received signal due to the multiplication in the PLL. Connectors 2x F, 2x SMA

The versions with POTY adapter (POTY = "Patch of the Year") are delivered with a mechanical adapter for a round copper tube, which in turn carries a patch antenna. In this way, different antennas can be quickly and easily exchanged and tested. No patch antenna is included in the delivery! The POTY adapter is mounted on the front of the LNB by removing the usual white cap.

Application description

The modified Ku-band LNBs from QRO.cz are used for reception of the geostationary Es'hail satellite, or for classic Tropo and EME operation. The LNB used here is particularly low-noise.

One version of the LNB uses a built-in TCXO with 0.2 ppm accuracy. This is sufficient in many cases, because the maximum frequency error to be expected is about 3 kHz, but typically only +- 1 kHz after 5 minutes warm-up time. For particularly high demands on frequency accuracy, an LNB is available which expects an external clock to be fed in via the coaxial cable. The Bias-T supplied with this LNB contains a 25 MHz TCXO with an accuracy of 0.2 ppm. In addition, the Bias-T provides an input for an external 10 MHz clock source, which should be fed from a very accurate system such as a GPSDO or similar. These high requirements are often necessary in EME or Tropo applications, where it is not possible to quickly listen back and correct the frequency in full duplex via the satellite.

The rapid spread of numerous do-it-yourself solutions for patch antennas for the LNB have led to the designation "Patch of the Year". Such a patch antenna is mounted on a waveguide in front of the LNB and usually offers a significantly better reception performance than the LNB alone. In order to be able to quickly exchange and compare different patch antennas, a robust adapter is required on the LNB - the POTY adapter. QRO.cz supplies an optional 3D-printed model that securely locks the patch antenna in place with an M4 screw.

Technical Data
Product Name LNBs for Satellite operations on 10 GHz (QO-100)
Brand qro.cz
Supply Voltage [V] 12 V: hor, 15 V: vert. Pol.
LNBs for Satellite operations on 10 GHz (QO-100)
LNBs for Satellite operations on 10 GHz (QO-100)

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