DXpatrol Power Amplifier 12W for 2400 MHz

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Top Features

  • In: 70 mW
  • Out: 12W (@28V DC)
  • LDMOS Module

Supply Scope

  • QO-100 Amplifier
  • Step-Up Converter 12V/28V, 1.5A

Technical description QO100-AMP12

Transmitter amplifier in modern LDMOS technology, supplied in a robust metal housing made of aluminium. A MHP1008NT1 module from NXP is used.

The amplifier from CT1FFU (DXpatrol) offers a gain of about 24 dB. The drive power is max. 70 mW, the output power at 28 V supply voltage is max. 12 Watt (5 Watt at 12V). The amplifier is equipped with outputs (0-4V) for SWR and power, these signals are led to the outside via feedthrough capacitors. PTT keying is via an external signal or via HF vox (can be switched off). Inputs and outputs are 50 Ohm impedance, all HF connections are SMA sockets.

Application description QO100-AMP12

The DXpatrol QO100 amplifier 12W is ideally suited for satellite or terrestrial operation on the 13cm band. By using a modern LDMOS module and careful circuit design, a clean amplification is guaranteed. This is all the more important when operating via the QO-100 satellite, so as not to disturb other users.

Integration into your own system is easy. All necessary signals are led out of the robust aluminium housing via feed-through capacitors. PTT keying can be done either via a switching signal to ground or via HF vox. Measuring signals for SWR and output power (0-4V) allow precise control of the amplifier's operation. The supply voltage can be 12 to 28 V, with full output power only being achieved at 28 V. A step-up converter from 12 to 28 V is included in the delivery.

Technical Data
Product Name QO100-AMP12
Amplification (dB) 24
Supported Bands 13cm
Brand DXpatrol
Max. Power [W] 12 W
DXpatrol Power Amplifier 12W for 2400 MHz
DXpatrol Power Amplifier 12W for 2400 MHz

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