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  • Power supply cable (open end); 0.95 metre
  • RCA cable (open end); 1.45 metre
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WIMO Expert opinion

You enjoy clearer reception as the QRM eliminator effectively filters out interfering signals from the input signal. With this device, you can significantly improve reception even in densely populated urban areas where interference is common. The intuitive operation allows you to minimize interference quickly and easily, even without extensive technical knowledge. Thanks to its compact design, the QRM Eliminator can be easily integrated into your existing setup without taking up much space.
A certain training period may be necessary in order to exploit the maximum efficiency of the device and optimally eliminate interference. The purchase price could represent an investment for hobby users, although the improved reception quality puts this disadvantage into perspective.
Christoph Breker Christoph Breker DL1CBS WiMo Marketing-Experte
Problems with local QRM on short wave? Very often the answer to this question is a clear 'YES'. Those living in rural areas know how 'clean' the frequencies can be - except maybe the near-by high-power land line makes noise...

However, most interferences are caused by local electronic sources, like TV's, computer, bad connections.

With this new accessory you can get rid of local interference up to an S9 level almost entirely; the result is a clean QRG! You don't have to know what kind of a interference is present neither would you have to have knowledge about the location of the interference. It doesn't matter if the interference originates from the own Packet station of from a welder 100 meters away.

The QRM Eliminator is inserted into the feedline from the trx to the antenna without any additional modifications required to the radio. The box has a built-in PTT control which enables the Eliminator to stay connected during transmit. An additional auxiliary receiving antenna is required, though, like a 2m antenna or simply a couple of meters wire in the shack.

The unwanted signal is received with both antennas resulting in different phases. The QRM Eliminator now allows to adjust the phase angle as well as amplification in a way to cancel out the unwanted signal before it reaches the receiver front end!

It's based on a totally innovative concept and cannot be compared to the normal 'noise blanker' performance.

Additional data:

Dimensions: 109x 46 x 98 mm

Terminals: 3xUHF connectors for TX, base station and auxiliary antennas, 1 x Cinch jack for PTT and 1x jack socket for power supply

Power supply: 12V/150mA.

Video - Demo QRM Eliminator

By DK6MP, many thanks!

Technical Data
Brand WiMo
Weight 268 g

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