BCD 6-to-2 MK2 Antenna switch qro.cz

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Supply Scope

  • 6-to-2 switch
  • Hardware for mast mounting

Discover the "6 to 2 Antenna Switch MK2 Classic" from qro.cz - The universal solution for antenna, filter and TRX switching. The MK2 version offers improved isolation and a new protection board for maximum performance and safety.

Versatility meets performance:

With six switchable connectors that can be switched to two inputs and outputs, this product covers a wide frequency range from DC to 60 MHz. 

Powerful and reliable:

Designed for 3 kW continuous power and an impressive 4 kW PEP (SWR < 1:1.7), the "6 to 2 Antenna Switch MK2 Classic" has been successfully tested with the OM-4000, among others. The high isolation and minimal insertion loss guarantee first-class performance.

Simple control, safe application:

Positive DC voltage control is either via 2 x 6 wires or 2 x BCD. The "Hazzard" protection board provides additional safety, while the first-win logic ensures smooth operation. With no external power supply, the antenna connections are earthed.

High-quality construction for long-lasting reliability:

The RF PCB with a thickness of 2 mm ensures outstanding quality. The weatherproof aluminum housing and the mounting bracket for a maximum mast diameter of up to 52 mm are designed to be robust and durable.

Focus on insulation and safety:

Impressive isolation between ports ensures that your signal always remains clear and interference-free. It is important to note that switching must not take place during transmission to ensure optimum performance, safety and protection from damage.

  • Isolation between ports A and B: 100dB (20m); >90dB (10m)
  • Isolation between ports A-1 and B-2: >100dB (80m); >84dB (20m); >74dB (10m); 64dB (6m)
  • Isolation between ports A-4 and B-1: >100dB (80m); >87dB (20m); >77dB (10m); 67dB (6m)

Always ensure that the antennas are sufficiently isolated.

Easy integration:

With various control options including: 

  • 2 x 6-wire cable + GND = 13 wires (12 to 15 V DC)
  • 2 x BCD (TTL) + GND + 13.8 V = 8 wires
  • 2 x BCD (> 13 V) + GND = 7 wires

integration into your existing system is effortless.

Optimize your wireless applications with the "6 to 2 Antenna Switch MK2 Classic" - your reliable choice for first-class switching performance and maximum flexibility.

Technical Data
Product Name QRO-6T2RFS
Supply Voltage [V] 12 - 15 V
Number of Ports 6:2
Brand qro.cz
Weight 2.62 kg
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weatherproof Yes
Insertion Loss (dB) < 0.04dB (10m); < 0.02dB (20m)
Max. Power [W] 4000 W
Frequency Range 0 - 60 MHz
Connector SO-239
Size W x H x D 222 x 145 x 75 mm
BCD 6-to-2 MK2 Antenna switch qro.cz
BCD 6-to-2 MK2 Antenna switch qro.cz

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €468.91

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