Bias Tee Box DC

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Top Features

  • Broadband: 0.1 - 60 MHz
  • Voltage 0 - 24 V DC
  • high quality connectors
  • IP56 housing
  • protection against overvoltage / overcurrent / short circuit

Supply Scope

  • Bias Tee Box

Technical description Bias Tee Box

This feed splitter with PL jacks for shortwave and 6 m is used to feed DC current into an RF signal to power remote antenna amplifiers or other equipment. It is usually positioned at the receiving end of the coaxial cable to pass DC power from an external source to the coaxial cable leading to the operated equipment. A Bias-T consists of a feed inductor that supplies DC current to a terminal on the equipment end, and a blocking capacitor that prevents DC current from passing to the receiver. An LED indicator light provides information on the operating status. 

In addition, the box features an adjustable attenuator and protection against overvoltage and overcurrent.

The IP56 protection class protects the device from water.

Application description Bias Tee Box

"Bias tees" are used for a variety of applications, but generally to provide an RF signal and (DC) power to a remote device where running two separate cables would not be practical or possible. 

For example, power to's "RX Preamp Box" can be supplied directly via the coax cable.
The box is designed for receive-only operation!

Technical Data
Product Name Bias Tee Box
Frequency Range 0.1 - 60 MHz
Connector A PL Socket
Connector B PL Socket

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