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Top Features

  • quick and easy setup
  • directionality in one direction 
  • protection against electrostatic charge, overvoltage, overcurrent
  • IP56 housing
  • 3 selectable termination resistors

Supply Scope

  • Feeder Box
  • Terminator Box

Technical description Classic Beverage

he Beverage is a very broadband long wire antenna, which does not require any adjustment (e.g. by means of a tuner). It provides a higher output signal than the "Beverage on Ground".
The antenna should be longer than 1 wavelength and installed at a height of less than 0.05 wavelengths above the ground. The antenna is usually terminated with a resistor at the end (opposite the feed point). 
This antenna is a receive-only antenna. Feeding can be done via 50 Ohm, as well as via 75 Ohm coaxial cable. The desired impedance can be easily selected by means of a jumper in the "feeder box". This box also contains a 9 : 1 impedance transformer (or 4 : 1 for the "Beverage On Ground" variant we also offer) to compensate for ground losses and a protection against overvoltage to protect the receiver.
In the "Terminator Box", you can choose between 3 terminating resistors (375, 430 and 460 Ohm).
The components meet the requirements of IP-56 and are therefore protected against water and snow.

Application description Classic Beverage

Beverage antennas are one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to improve DX capabilities on the low frequencies. 
The connection from the receiver to the "beverage box" (= feeder) is made by coaxial cable. The antenna wire is fixed between the feeder and the "terminator box" by means of screw terminals. Finally, the "Terminator-Box" is grounded. All inputs and outputs are clearly and legibly labeled, which further facilitates the setup.
Since the antenna can be set up very close to the ground at a height of 0.5 - 4 meters, it is ideally suited for use on field days. Here "natural" landmarks like trees, poles, ... can be used, but care must be taken that the antenna wire follows a straight line. When tensioning the wire, also pay attention to the directivity of the antenna.
It is strongly recommended to install a common mode choke in the feed line with a ground stake about 10 m away from the antenna feed point. The antenna wire to be used must have a sheath.
Technical Data
Product Name Classic Beverage
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ω, 75 Ω
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Number of connectors 1
Weatherproof Yes
Frequency Range 0.1 - 30 MHz
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Beverage
Connector SO-239
The Czech company was founded out of the common interest of several radio amateurs at contests. Together they have built up the well-known contest station OL7M over many years. The experience gained in the process has been incorporated into the products of The goal was always high reliability and simple operation of the products, even for high power levels.
Beverage antenna
Beverage antenna "Classic" from

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