OLI IP 12 IP controller, 12 outputs

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Supply Scope

  • OLI IP 12 Controller
  • DB15 connector (female), with housing

The OLI IP 12 controller from qro.cz was developed for direct connection to K9AY++ and 7ANT remote controls with DB15 cable.

The device has 12 universal outputs that can be configured as either positive or negative output drivers.

It offers a web-based, customizable user interface, beam map control and is compatible with various systems such as NodeRed, Stream Deck, etc. The controller has DC protection (electronic fuse) and a 100 Mbit LAN connection with double common mode filter and overvoltage protection.

Only a LAN and DB15 connection is required.

Main features

  • Universal controller with 12 outputs
  • Designed directly for K9AY++, 4-WAY Beverage System and 7ANT RC controller
  • Control: directions, BPF, preamplifier, RX source and PTT feedback
  • Web-based control with customizable user interfaces
  • No configuration or firmware upload required
  • Can also be controlled via stream deck and touch portal
  • The system is part of the station automation infrastructure through DM5XX's RemoteSwitch system
Technical Data
Product Name OLI IP 12
Color Black
Brand qro.cz
Number of outputs 12
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weight 230 g
Size W x H x D 75 x 48 x 85 mm
The Czech company qro.cz was founded out of the common interest of several radio amateurs at contests. Together they have built up the well-known contest station OL7M over many years. The experience gained in the process has been incorporated into the products of qro.cz. The goal was always high reliability and simple operation of the products, even for high power levels.
OLI IP 12 IP controller, 12 outputs
OLI IP 12 IP controller, 12 outputs

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