2:1 Stackmatch
3 or 5 kW

Stackmatch 1:2 by qro.cz

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Top Features

  • For mono- or multiband
  • Power max. 3 or 5 kW
  • Ant 1 or Ant2 or Ant 1+2
  • Ant 1+2 in phase/out of phase

Supply Scope

  • Stackmatch switch 1:2
  • Pole clamp 52mm

Technical description

A 1:2 stackmatch is used to connect two antennas together to get more gain, a different direction or a different elevation. The same or different antennas can be used. The interconnection of the two antennas is done via a broadband or a narrowband phase line. The version of the stackmatch with broadband matching has the phase shifter integrated, the version with external bypass line requires an external coaxial cable precisely matched in length.

When using a broadband phase line (internal), multi-band antennas and antennas of different designs (omnidirectional, directional) can also be interconnected. If a phase line made of coaxial cable (external) is used, the length of the bypass line must be adjusted exactly to one band, accordingly only monoband antennas (beams) can be used. On the other hand, phase-correct interconnection is more precise and thus coupling for more gain is possible.

Switching the antennas is possible in any combination:

  • Antenna 1 only
  • Antenna 2 only
  • Antenna 1 + 2 'both in phase
  • Antenna 1 + 2 'both out of phase

Switching is done via a 5-wire control cable, the powerful relays work with an operating voltage of 12 to 14 volts. The manufacturer qro.cz follows here a proven concept of OK2ZAW, the transformer uses a toroidal core made of C10A material (equivalent to -61 and -2ROT from Amidon). This core was specially selected according to the developer's requirements, it offers a significantly higher power handling than other toroidal cores. The usable frequency range goes from 1.8 to 30 MHz.

The specifications for the maximum permissible power (3 or 5 kW) are as follows:

  • 100% in 'normal' CW, SSB and RTTY QSO operation (no contest). This means normal transmitting and longer receiving phases.
  • 75% of the max. permissible power for CW and SSB in contest mode (approx. 50/50 transmit/receive).
  • 50% of the max. permissible power for RTTY operation in contest mode, also FT-8.

Application description

The 1:2 stackmatch from qro.cz offers an excellent possibility to further improve the performance of your own station with two antennas. An external switch (not included) is used to select either antenna 1, antenna 2 or an interconnection of both antennas. Both antennas are connected either via a broadband, internally installed phase shifter system or via a narrowband external bypass line made of coaxial cable (not included in delivery).

The interconnection of the two antennas results in different directional effects depending on the phase position (in phase, out of phase), also in the elevation. So you can use the fast switching in a contest or in a DX scrum to receive a signal better and to fade out QRM.

When using the broadband version with internal phase-shifting network, multiband beams or omnidirectional beams can be used. Depending on the design of the antennas, there are clearly noticeable differences in field strength when selecting the most suitable antenna.

If you want to connect two monoband antennas (Yagis) together, you must first connect a phase line (bypass line) of the correct length externally. If the two antennas are installed one above the other and at the correct distance from each other, the gain can be increased by approx. 2.5 dB. By reversing the phase position, a shift of the elevation diagram is achieved. In this way, the different angles of incidence of a DX signal can often be better exploited and the signal is better received.

When transmitting, the transmit power can always be switched to both antennas or only to one antenna, for example, to cover both local and distant areas simultaneously in a contest. All in all, a 1:2 stack match is a simple and easy-to-use extension of a station with at least two antennas, especially in contest operation.

Technical Data
Product Name Stackmatch 1:2 by qro.cz
Brand qro.cz
Frequency Range 1.8 - 30 MHz
Connector SO-239
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Supply Voltage [V] 12 - 14 V
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Stackmatch 1:2 by qro.cz
Stackmatch 1:2 by qro.cz

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