R1 Mini Dipole Center part for one dipole, straight

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Supply Scope

  • R1 mini dipole
  • a 50 cm long mast stub
'R1 Mini dipoles' - Shortened dipoles for 160 to 6m. Total length around 360cm, transport length about 120cm, max. power 500 Watt PEP. Center part made of glass fibre reinforced nylon, connector PL female.

Nice companion for existing antennas or as a portable antenna. Two different center parts, straight or dual band one, are available. The dual band center part allows two different dipoles to be used the same time on any two bands.

Included with the center part is a short mast tube (500mm x 32mm dia.), allow-ing easy mounting to any vertical mast. Use mast clamps 23001 (not inluded) for easiest installation.

Note: To order this antenna, order two items: the center part and at least one set of dipoles.

The R1 center unit can be used to build a dipole from two Chameleons. To reduce mechanical strain on the center part, it is advisable to use guy wires on top of the antennas.
Technical Data
Product Name R1 Center Tee
Max. Element Length 3.4
Brand Sandpiper

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