Icom ID-51EPlus2

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The Icom ID-51E Plus2 also offers 2 new additional D-Star features:

Terminal Mode:
In the Terminal Mode you can connect the ID-51E Plus2

with the supplied Data-Cable OPC-2350LU to a Personal

Computer or via Bluetooth to a Android Smartphone.

The Computer or the Smartphone sets a Connection

over the Internet to a D-Star Repeater.

Accesspoint Mode:
In the Access Point Mode the ID-51E Plus2 works

like a Hotspot. The Radio listen to D-Star Signal

at the tuned Frequency and foward them to a connected

Personal Computer or Android Smartphone. With this

Setup you can build up a D-Star Hotspot in areas

without a Repeater nearby.

A public IP adress is required for the Internet connction. Both modes reuire the latest gateway server application to be installed.