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Amateur radio still enjoys great popularity as a hobby. Contrary to many pessimistic opinions, younger generations are discovering amateur radio again as an ideal hobby for the practical application of technical interest in connection with computers and radio technology. Many technical innovations such as digital radio or SDR technology (Software Defined Radio) play an important role, because these technologies offer the opportunity to combine the worlds of computer and radio technology. This is much easier for a generation that grew up with PC and game consoles than before. Modern desktop- and mobile radios are perfect for these cases, also the most handheld transceivers have a lot of features for use in future. To serve this very diverse market with radios and all accessories is WiMo's task. You want to learn more about the fascination of amateur radio? Then our amateur radio guide for newcomers and those returning to amateur radio is just the thing for you! You will find this and many other interesting facts here on our website about amateur radio.

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  1. Icom IC-7300
    Icom IC-7300

    HF SDR-transceiver with waterfall-diagram, high-res colour touchs-screen an excellent HF-characteristics, very easy to operate. Compact sized body, therefore also ideal for holidays.

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    SKU IC-7300
  2. Icom IC-9700
    Icom IC-9700

    VHF/UHF/1200MHz allmode SDR-transceiver with D-Star and satellite-ready. The large colour touch-display features waterfall diagrams, spectrumscope and more.

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    SKU IC-9700
  3. Yaesu FT-991A
    Yaesu FT-991A

    Compact HF/6m/VHF/UHF allmode tranceiver incl. C4FM and automatic antenna tuner. Touch-display (colour) with spectrumscope and waterfall diagram.

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    SKU FT-991A
  4. Icom IC-705
    Icom IC-705

    HF/50MHz/VHF/UHF portable transceiver with D-Star, GPS, Bluetooth and large, user-friendly colour touch-display. Operation via battery or external power.

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  5. Xiegu G106 QRP Transceiver
    Xiegu G106 QRP Transceiver

    Xiegu G106 QRP Transceiver 5 Watt for shortwave (80-10m, incl. WARC). Continuous receiver 0.55 - 30 MHz plus WFM 88 - 108 MHz. The transceiver uses current SDR technology with a 16 bit A/D converter.

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    SKU G106
  6. Yaesu FT-710 HF Transceiver
    Yaesu FT-710 HF Transceiver

    Yaesu FT-710 AESS Transceiver 100W Shortwave + 6m

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    SKU FT-710
  7. PicoAPRS Transceiver
    PicoAPRS Transceiver

    The world's smallest APRS transceiver with TNC and a wide range of applications. Matchbox size, built-in GPS receiver. And now even better: Can also be used as an FM VHF handheld radio: PTT + loudspeaker + microphone - everything inside!

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  8. Yaesu FT-DX101D
    Yaesu Cashback
    Yaesu FT-DX101D

    High-end HF-transceiver with innovative receiver concept and two independant receivers. The large colour touch-display does also show spectrum and waterfall diagrams.

    In stock, shipped in 3 to 4 days.

    incl. VAT plus shipping €2,856.30
    SKU FT-DX101D

Items 1-10 of 123