Icom ID-5100E

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Top Features

  • 5.5 inches / 14 cm touch display
  • Dual band 2 m / 70 cm analogue and digital
  • 50 W transmitting power in both bands
  • Reception range: 118 to 174 and 375 to 550 MHz
  • Bluetooth, GPS and Android connection
  • Operating modes: AM (aeronautical radio reception), FM, D-Star DV
  • D-Plus functions integrated
  • Remote display

Supply Scope

  • ID-5100E transceiver with control unit
  • Control panel cable
  • DC cable with fuses
  • HM-207 DTMF microphone
  • 'Basic Manual' on paper
  • Spare fuse, microphone holder, small parts

Technical description ID-5100E

The ID-5100E mobile transceiver is a dual-band transceiver for 2 m and 70 cm. The operating modes supported are FM and D-Star as well as AM reception in the aeronautical band. Like other true dual-banders, the ID-5100E offers two receivers, so you can monitor two frequencies at the same time. New: This is also possible digitally – two D-Star frequencies can be monitored at the same time! Of course, the classic combinations of analogue/analogue and analogue/digital are also possible.
The operation of D-Star on the ID-5100E is taken over from the ID-51E with the function of the "Home" button. The repeater lists can be conveniently maintained and updated via SD card. QSOs can also be recorded. The touch display simplifies operation, which is particularly beneficial for safety during mobile operation.
With a width of 182 mm, a height of 81.5 mm and a depth of only 24.7 mm as well as only 260 g, the control unit of the IC-5100 is handy and yet not too small, but also the main unit is compact with 150 mm x 40 mm x 173 mm and 1.3 kg and finds space everywhere. The power supply of 13.8 V / 13 A is possible with a mains adapter, but also by battery mobile or on a field day or expedition.

Application description ID-5100E

The optional UT-133 module adds Bluetooth capabilities to the ID-5100E mobile transceiver. Bluetooth headsets can then be used. This enables "hands-free" operation, i.e. the possibility of making radio calls without the annoying microphone cable and without constantly pressing the PTT button, as is now also the rule in mobile operation when driving. Another feature of the UT-133 is the ability to remotely control the ID-5100E transceiver via a smartphone (Android). Icom provides its own Android app free of charge for this purpose. So you can sit comfortably on your balcony or in the garden, control the device remotely from there and make QSOs via a Bluetooth headset.
For perfect D-Star operation, a GPS antenna is necessary. This antenna is included with the ID-5100E and is built directly into the control unit. This allows you to use the D-PRS (Digital Position Reporting System) functions immediately. The clever division of the display makes it easy to show position data and radio data at the same time.
Remarkable is the support of the D-Plus reflector functions directly from the unit. D-Plus is an additional software for D-Star relays that offers unproblematic networking via so-called "D-Star reflectors". Simplified, a reflector can be compared to a chat room where certain regions meet. The control functions for this (connecting, disconnecting reflectors, etc.) are directly accessible with the ID-5100E. Here, Icom has oriented itself to practice and taken up functions developed by radio amateurs!
Technical Data
Product Name ID-5100E
Supported Bands 2m, 70cm
TX Power [W] 5 W, 15 W, 50 W
Brand Icom
Modes FM, D-Star (GMSK), NFM
Microhone included HM-207 DTMF
Weight 1.56 kg
Antenna Connector PL socket
Bluetooth Interface Yes
Founded in 1954, the Japanese company Icom is one of the best-known brands in both the professional and amateur radio sectors. Icom supplies analogue and digital radio systems for marine, aeronautical, professional and amateur radio as well as satellite radio. With the IC-5100, Icom presents a compact and versatile mobile transceiver for VHF and UHF with remote control unit for stationary and mobile use.
Icom ID-5100E
Icom ID-5100E

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