ID-RP-2D D-Star Repeater

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Ordered only on customer request, down payment required, delay at c. 10 days.

To set up a D-Star Repeater a controller ID-RP2C and at least one HF part for user access is required. Icom offers HF parts for 2m ( ID-RP-2000V ), 70cm ( ID-RP4000V ) and 23cm ( ID-RP-2V (Voice), ID-RP-2D (Data)). In addition there are 10GHz Interlink systems (ID-RP2L) for networking several D-Star Repeaters to a complete system. These 10GHz components are not approved for Europe and are not offered by WIMO.

To operate the D-Star Repeater with optional internet gateway a PC is required (not offered by WiMo).

For setting up the repeater a PC with Windows is required.

The ID-RP2D is the RF part for 23cm data (DD mode, 128kBit/s). This module is a simplex device, i.e. it does not work with a frequency offset, but only on one transmit/receive frequency. Therefore no T/R crossover or similar is to be provided.

If the DV mode repeater is to be operated with a common antenna for transmission/reception, a T/R crossover with the highest possible blocking attenuation (≥ 100dB) must be provided (not included in the scope of delivery). If the repeater is to be operated with separate transmit and receive antennas, appropriate filters with the highest possible attenuation are required (not included).

Please note that the HF parts can only be operated together with a controller ID-RP2C .

Includet in shipment:

  • HF-unit in 19"-2HE housing
  • Power cable for 13.8V, 1m
  • Programming software
  • Manual
  • Mounting feet (4 pcs.)
  • Data cable to controller 1m

Important note on initial operation

Please note that WiMo cannot assist you with the installation, configuration and commissioning of the relay, especially the gateway. Through Icom Europe you will find the contact details of the relevant specialists.


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