Marine Radios

The importance of maritime shipping is growing steadily and in all areas - the globalised trade of goods is leading to more and more ship movements, and leisure sports on water, whether by sail or by motorboat, are enjoying increasing popularity. And regardless of whether it is leisure time or work, safety is always in the foreground. A very important aspect here is secure and reliable communication. Whether when navigating in a lock of a canal or working on deck, radio technology is an enormously important component of safety.

WiMo distributes the marine radio products of Icom as one of the leading suppliers in this segment. Whether waterproof and floatable handheld radios or permanently installed radio systems for VHF and short wave - Icom has the right products for leisure and work with its wide range of products.


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  1. Icom IC-M94DE VHF handheld marine radio, AIS-RX, DSC, GPS
    Icom IC-M94DE VHF handheld marine radio, AIS-RX, DSC, GPS

    Marine radio with AIS and GPS receiver, distress function, 6 Watt output power

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    SKU IC-M94DE
  2. Icom HF Marine SSB Transceiver
    Icom HF Marine SSB Transceiver

    Icom Marine SSB/HF Transceiver, DSC Class E, with EU approval.

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    incl. VAT, plus shipping €3,357.14
  3. Icom MA-510TR AIS-Transponder
    Icom MA-510TR AIS-Transponder

    Receives AIS data (class A+B), GPS, navigation function, collision alarm, incl. GPS antenna

    Ordered only on customer request, delivery time approx. 20 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €806.64
    SKU MA-510TR

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What are the types of marine radios?
There are different types of marine radio devices, such as VHF radios, shortwave radios, satellite communication devices, and WLAN routers for shipboard use.
What are the functions of marine radios?
Marine radios have various functions such as communicating with other vessels, receiving weather reports, providing navigational aids, contacting rescue services and more.
Are marine radios easy to install?
Installation of marine radio equipment may vary depending on the model and requirements. However, it is advisable to consult a professional to make sure everything is properly connected and configured.