Phonema RHEA Station speaker

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The RHEA loudspeaker mady by Phonema was designed to offer best audio quality for radio communications, regardless which modulation is used. The enclosure is fully closed and made from 10mm MDF material, the front is made from brazilian walnut wood. The classical looks of the RHEA loudspeaker borrow from the 1970s era, giving you both - a fine retro look and excellent audio fidelity. The pleasant design fits nicely to many desktop transceivers, for which the speaker has been designed. The walnut front blends well with the galvanized aluminium panel.

The RHEA offers connectivity for two radios, which can be selected from a front side A/B push-button. The aluminium grid can be removed for full sound or just to change the looks of the speaker. In the future a built-in amplifier will be offered, for which the controls will be placed on the aluminium grille as well. For a perfect sound the RHEA uses internally the same dampening materials which are offered as kits by Phonema for many other desktop speakers.
Technical Data
Product Name RHEA
Brand Phonema
Weight 2.25 kg
Size W x H x D 186 x 110 x 275 mm

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