Rigblaster Advantage Interface w/ Sound card

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The RigBlaster Advantage model differs from other RigBlaster products by having an own soundcard integrated! The has the benefit that the internal soundcard of the computer remains free for other purposes, no manual setting of levels when switching applications. And you have only one cable between the interface and the computer, no more cable knots. The power supply of the interface is also done by USB.

As the other RigBlaster interfaces, the model Advantage offer an automatic PTT selection bewteen computer and microphone. A transmission from the computer can be interrupted at any time by pressing the PTT switch on the microphone or foot switch. This is very helpful for SSTV or contest operation. The easy to operate front panel knobs are very convenient to adjust the TX and RX audio level. Additionally the RigBlaster Advantage offers an audio VOX function, which keys the transmitter as soon as the soundcard produces an output. This is useful for (older) transceivers which do not have any other means of keying the PTT line.

The RigBlaster interfaces are integrated into the microphone cable to the radio. The required cable is included in shipment and supports any radio with round (Foster) or modular (RJ-45) connector with 8 pins. Internally the various radios are adapted by jumpers. To facilitate this the RigBlaster Advantage comes with 6 ready to use jumper blocks for the most often used radios: Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, JRC and Elecraft. Other, older radios can be accomodated by setting individual jumper cables according to the pinout of the radio.

The CAT interface of the radio if of course also handled by the RigBlaster Advantage, either traditional serial, CAT or CI-V. And also of course the CAT interface is galvanically isolated between radio and computer to alleviate noise loops. Audio and all other keying lines are also isolated. The interface also offers keying lines for CW and FSK (RTTY).
Technical Data
Product Name Rigblaster Advantage
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