Rigblaster Blue Interface w/ BT-Sound card

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Supply Scope

  • RIGblaster Blue Interface
  • Cable 2 × 3.5 mm jack, 180cm
  • Microphone cable, 90cm
  • 7 pieces ISC jumpers
  • DVD with driver / setup utility
  • Manual (EN)
  • Jumper cables for your own experiments
The RIGblaster Blue interface upgrades every transceiver with Bluetooth® - not only for digital modes!

Like with other RIGblaster devices, RIGblaster Blue is simply connected to the microphone jack of a transceiver. Individual settings of the microphone jack are configured with the brilliant 'ISC' connectors (7 units included) in a matter of seconds, without technical knowledge! And simple as that almost any standard transceiver has all possibilities that Bluetooth® offers. Connect a PC, a tablet computer or a smartphone via Bluetooth® to a radio to operate digital modes. Or use a BT headset for regular Fone traffic with a radio. The RIGblaster Blue makes it possible!

The integrated Bluetooth® interface in the RIGblaster Blue provides an interface for both audio and CAT data. The audio streams are transferred in transmit and receive direction. The two BT profiles 'HSP' and 'HFP' offer a very comfortable way of using the radio with a BT headset. On the computer those two profiles show up as an external sound card. The CAT interface is presented as a virtual serial port and can be use by practically any log software and multimode programs. CAT systems of virtually every well-known manufacturer are supported. The range of the Bluetooth® signal is about 10m due to the good internal antenna. With this the RIGblaster Blue interface is well suited for the use on a sailing boat, caravan and in the spacious shack.

The adjustment of the RIGblaster Blue interface to the respective transceiver is done with one of the seven included connectors. These connectors simplify the different configurations of the microphone jack. So almost every shortwave transceiver of manufacturers Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft and Alinco are usable with the RIGblaster Blue. The microphone jack can be a 'Foster' socket (8-pin round) or a RJ-45 socket (8-pin telephone plug). For 6-pin RJ-25 micro plugs or a 4-pin round plug there are optional adapter cables available. Other settings of the Bluetooth® interface about PTT etc. are configured via included software (on DVD).

Transmit and receive level is set with the knobs on the RIGblaster Blue, which is much more comfortable than using the sliders of the computer's soundcard. Sender keying is done either by CAT command or Audio-Vox. The Vox offers adjustable delay times to avoid fast switching PTT. Lock the PTT function of the RIGblaster Blue on the front completely for SWLs, so that the transmitter is not keyed by accident. A jack on the rear can be used as an external PTT, for example a foot switch or sequencer. Two LEDs show the status of the device, e.g. whether the Bluetooth® interface has successfully been paired with the headset or computer.

Of course the RIGblaster Blue (like all other RIGblaster interfaces) provides for complete galvanic isolation between radio and computer to avoid ground loops and greatly simplify the station setting. The AF is isolated by transformer, the PTT by using a relay. The case is made of metal and offers a good protection against HF interference from the transmitter. The RIGblaster Blue weights about 680g, the size is 32 × 158 × 101 mm.

Technical Data
Product Name Rigblaster Blue
Brand RigBlaster

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