500 Watt
13.8 V
36 A

Shackmaster 500 Power Supply, 13.8V/36A

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Top Features

  • Output current up to 36A continuous
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Touch display shows current, voltage and power
  • Can be operated standing up or lying down
  • Logging function via USB interface

Supply Scope

  • RigExpert Shackmaster Power 500 Switching Power Supply

WIMO Expert opinion

You benefit from versatile application options, whether in the laboratory, workshop or shack - this power supply adapts to your requirements. No need to worry about power-hungry devices, this power pack ensures everything runs smoothly with up to 36 A. Save time and effort by charging mobile devices and handheld radios directly from the power supply - all in one place, without additional chargers. Don't worry about waves or heat; your equipment is always safe thanks to intelligent protection mechanisms.
Note that for some locations, size and weight may be an issue - check the available space first. Make sure you need the full power; a less powerful device might be sufficient and more cost-effective for smaller setups.
Christoph Breker Christoph Breker DL1CBS WiMo Marketing-Experte

The innovative Shackmaster Power 500 from RigExpert is a compact but very powerful power supply, which is versatile in shack, lab or workshop and is suitable for input voltages of 80 - 264 volts AC. With an output voltage of 13.8 volts DC at a continuous current of up to 36 A, even consumers with high energy requirements can be operated reliably. Various outputs are available for this purpose, so that several devices can be connected simultaneously:

  • 1 pair of screw terminals at the rear
  • 2 pairs each of PowerPole connectors at the front and rear for perfect integration into your existing PowerPole system

In addition, the Shackmaster Power 500 also has 2 USB-C, as well as 2 USB-A sockets. So it's ideal for easily charging your smartphone, tablet, powerbank, or a handheld radio in one central location. Without having to search for a free, possibly hard-to-reach power outlet and the right charger. The USB interface can also be used to import firmware updates and log and evaluate consumption data on a connected computer. 

Voltage, amperage and power consumption are displayed in real time on the touch-sensitive LC color display. Effortlessly navigate through the settings, customize your preferences and retrieve important information with just one touch.

The attractively designed housing is an eye-catcher in the shack and can be positioned either upright on a table or lying on a shelf to save space. The orientation of the display can be adjusted, ensuring ideal readability at all times.

Sufficient cooling is provided by an integrated fan on the rear of the device. With a very low noise level of only approx. 21 dB, it is pleasantly quiet.

The Shackmaster Power 500 is equipped with an advanced, intelligent protection system that puts safety first. Your equipment is protected from overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating, so your valuable equipment is well protected at all times.

The Rig Expert Shackmaster Power 500 is not just a power supply, but an essential companion for your workspace. Increase your productivity, improve your workflow and experience a new era of power technology tailored to your needs.

Technical Data
Voltage Display Digital
Outout current (continous) 36 A
Output current (peak) 36 A
Brand RigExpert
Weight 1.1 kg
Size W x H x D 172 x 55 x 185 mm
Shackmaster 500 Power Supply, 13.8V/36A
Shackmaster 500 Power Supply, 13.8V/36A

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €368.91

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