RigRunner 5x DC Distribution, remote control

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Supply Scope

  • RR-4005i distributor with LAN connection
  • 1m ethernet cable
  • Instructions (EN)
The RR-4005LAN is a DC distribution strip with Internet connectivity! The special feature of this device is an Ethernet connection, which allows to integrate the RR-4005LAN easily into your local or remote network.

Every operator of a remote site knows this problem - which devie is requiring how much power? How can I easily switch of a transmitter without driving a long distance up on the mountain? Not only for repeater operators the RR-4005LAN is an excellent extension of the equipment, but also for everyone who runs a remote controlled station, a weather monitoring post, remote data acquisition system and much more.

The RR-4005LAN offers five individually switchable DC connections for devices. The distributor uses the well known PowerPole Connectors which are becoming more and more widely used, not only in amateur radio but also in RC models, data acquisition etc.

Each DC outlet can be fused individually. An electronic fuse can be set between 0.1 and max. 40A. The total current for all consumers must not exceed 40A.

The integrated web server allows turning on and off of each individual device, the display of actual current, the display of input voltage etc. To facilitate in automation of some tasks this data is also available in XML format.

At the location the RR-4005LAN shows the current consumption on a LC display. This display shows the actual input voltage and current of one consumer at a time. All settings are done either at the device itself or via the integrated web server. Integration into the local network is very easy, the IP adress is either configured manually or via DHCP.

Also directly at the device each consumer can be switched on and off individually. It is important to note that the individual state (on/off) is retained even after a power failure. When power comes back only the enabled outlets are turned on.

An extension socket on the RR-4005LAN is for future extensions, like cascading several distribution strips, acquisition of analog data or serial data communications.
Technical Data
Product Name RigRunner 4005LAN
Max. Current Output (A) 40 A
Voltage Display Digital
With fuse(s) Yes, one electronic fuse per output
USB Output No
Banana outputs 0
PowerPole outputs 5
Switched outputs 5
Brand RigRunner
Weight 840 g
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 38 x 203 x 127 mm
RigRunner 5x DC Distribution, remote control
RigRunner 5x DC Distribution, remote control

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €313.36

No longer available

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