RM Italy KL-506 Power Amplifier 3 - 30 MHz, 300 W

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Supply Scope

  • RM Italy KL-506 power amplifier
  • Power connector

The KL-506 transistor power amplifier from RM Italy is driven with low power levels ranging from 1 - 10 watts (AM/FM) or 2 - 20 watts (SSB/CW). The output power is switchable in several stages and is 60 - 300 watts depending on the input power. The integrated receive amplifier with 26 dB gain can be switched on if required. 

All control elements and the RJ-45 socket for remote control of various device functions are easily accessible on the front of the device, where there is also an LED bar display to show the relative transmit power.

On the rearside of the enclosure there are connectors for the power supply, 2 PL/SO-239 jacks as well as a RCA jack for PTT control.

Technical Data
Product Name KL-506
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Brand RM Italy
Weight 1.89 kg
Max. Power [W] 300 W
Size W x H x D 195 x 74 x 295 mm

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