RPA-2 Pre-Amp for NCC-2

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Supply Scope

  • RPA-2 preamplifier module for NCC-2

The RPA-2 is an optional preamplifier for installation in an option slot of the NCC-2 Antenna Phasing System.

The RPA-2 preamplifier is designed for the frequency range from 300kHz to approx. 35 MHz. In order to reduce unwanted harmonic distortion, the amplifier is designed as a complex push-pull circuit. The high quiescent current of the amplifier contributes to very low distortions and excellent large signal handling behaviour. The gain is approx. 16 dB, the noise figure 3.5 dB.

The RPA-2 module is not designed for direct use in an antenna cable, but for use as an option in an NCC-2 or DXE-RTR-2 transmit/receive switch.

Technical Data
Product Name RPA-2
Brand DX Engineering
Weight 30 g

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