Remote Control Software Icom RS-BA1V2

Remote Control Software Icom RS-BA1V2

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You got too much QRM/QRN at home? But you have access to a distant area which is quiet (radio wise)? Why not put your station there? Or control your radio in the attic from the computer in the cellar via your local network. Either is possible with the remote control software RS-BA1 by Icom. Or let other operators use the club station when it's idle...

The software RS-BA1 by Icom consists of two parts, a so called 'Server' and a 'client' part. The server is used on a computer at the remote site, where the transceiver is located. Someplace else you have another computer running the Client software. Both computers are connected over a network, either a Local Area Network (LAN) or the internet. Imagine your remote station located anywhere in the worls, controlled over the internet!

The RS-BA1 Software supports the following Icom transceivers:

  • IC-705 (via network/WLAN or USB cable)
  • IC-7850/7851 (via USB or Ethernet cable)
  • IC-7800 (via Audio/CAT-Interface or Ethernet cable)
  • IC-7700 (via Audio/CAT-Interface or Ethernet cable)
  • IC-7610 (via USB or Ethernet cable)
  • IC-7600 (via USB cable)
  • IC-7410 (via USB cable)
  • IC-7300 (via USB cable)
  • IC-7200 (via USB cable)
  • IC-9700 (via USB or Ethernet cable)
  • IC-9100 (via USB cable)
  • IC-756ProI to III (via Audio/CAT-Interface, with some limitations)
  • IC-746Pro/IC-7400 (via Audio/CAT-Interface, with some limitations)

For operation the transceiver must be connected with the server computer. Those Icom transceivers with USB interface require just the supplied USB cable. Those Icom transceivers with network connection (IC-9700, IC-705) require an ethernet cable or a wireless LAN connection. Other transceivers require a soundcard/CAT interface to connect audio and CAT data with galvanic isolation. In principle any soundcard interface will do, like our SB-2000, the USB-2, USB-3, Digikeyer microKeyer and many others. Operation is also possible with older Icom transceivers, but only with very limited possibilities (just control of frequency and mode, nothing else).

At the Tokyo Radio Show 2018 Icom introduces a new version of this software. For major functional changes see list below. Of course this software can be used with older transceivers as well, see function table. Please note the omission of support for older OSs like Windows XP and WIndows Vista. The previously sold version RS-BA1 (without 'Version 2') is not available anymore.

New functions in RS-BA1 Version 2

  • Dual Watch/Dual VFO/Dual Waterfall [1]
  • RIT/XIT function [2]
  • SUB Dial [2]
  • Requires Windows 7, 8 or 10, 32/64 Bit (Discontinuation of support for Windows XP and VISTA)

[1] Dual Watch/Dual Waterfall only with IC-7851, IC-7850, IC-7610.

[2] depending on radio.

Please note that Icom does not offer an upgrade path from the first edition of 'RS-BA1' to the new 'RS-BA1 Version 2'.

  • RS-BA1 Version 2 Minimum Requirements of computer (Server and/or Client)
  • Microsoft Windows Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32/64 Bit)
  • Multicore-CPU, min. 1.8 GHz
  • Memory 2GB to 4GB, depending on OS version
  • 150MB disk space
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 600 px or larger
  • Network: DSL with at least 350kbps Upload/500kbps Download or 10/100MBps LAN
  • IC-705 requires Version 2.20 or newer of theRS-BA1 V2 Software
Technical Data
Suitable for IC-705


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