Radiosport Superlight Connector Cable for Icom

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Connecting cable to connect an Arlan Radiosport 'Superlight' headset to an Icom transceiver with RJ-45 socket. Kevlar-reinforced cable with Teflon insulation, very sturdy and strain-resistant, with PTT button, length approx. 70cm.

The cable of the headset is connected to the socket of the PTT box (4-pin 3.5mm jack socket, aka TRRS, CTIA pinout), from the PTT one cable leads to the microphone connection of the transceiver with RJ-45 plug, and one cable with 3.5mm jack plug leads to the headphone output of the radio.

Technical Data
Product Name RS-TRRS-IRJ
Length [m] 0.7 m
Weight [kg] 0.10 kgs