RX-Audite SDR Antenna Switch and Signal Splitter

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Top Features

  • Splitter for receive signal
  • Switch for transmit signal
  • Optional preamplifier
  • Switch to 2nd receiving antenna
  • Best protection for receivers

Supply Scope

  • RX-Audite Splitter/Switch
  • Power supply cable

Technical description

The RX-Audite extends the possibilities for simultaneous operation of a radio and a second receiver - for example an SDR - on only one antenna. A skimmer can then run on the SDR, or the reverse beacon network can be fed.

When transmitting, the transceiver is switched directly to the antenna, and the sensitive receiver input of the SDR is protected against overvoltage.

Optionally, a low-noise receive preamplifier can be used to further amplify the received signal. This option can also be easily retrofitted by the user.

For operation, the connection of a PTT line is mandatory; the RX-Audite does not use an HF vox. The PTT line is looped through, so the splitter/switch can be conveniently placed between the transceiver and the PA. Operating voltage 13.8 V.

Application description

Due to increasingly better software offers, it is becoming more and more attractive to operate another receiver, for example an SDR, in addition to the actual transceiver. This SDR often offers a better display of the currently active band. It also allows reception with a skimmer, e.g. for CW, WSPR, FT-8 or other modes. This way, the Reverse Beacon Network can be supplied with data during QSO operation.

A prerequisite for such a parallel operation is a receiving antenna for the SDR receiver. And if you only have one antenna, a splitter must divide the signal between the transceiver and the SDR. And also switch cleanly in case of transmission. This is exactly the function of the RX-Audite from qro.cz. Thanks to the PTT line from the radio, the RX-Audite switches off the receiver and protects it from overvoltage. The optional preamplifier helps with particularly weak signals; it can be switched on individually.

Technical Data
Product Name RX-Audite SDR Antenna Switch and Signal Splitter
Supply Voltage [V] 12 - 14 V
Size W x H x D 115 x 115 x 50 mm
Connector 2x PL, 1x SMA
Number of Ports 2:1
Brand qro.cz
Weight 620 g
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weatherproof No

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