Yaesu FTM-300DE

Yaesu FTM-300DE

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The Yaesu FTM-300DE is a VHF/UHF dual-band transceiver for vehicle installation (mobile transceiver).

True to Yaesu's 'System Fusion'strategy, this radio offers FM and Digital Voice Mode C4FM operation. The FTM-300DE can also receive both modes (FM, C4FM) at the same time, as each of the two receivers can be set independently. Automatic Mode Switching (AMS) is of course supported. As a true dual-bander with two receivers, the FTM-300DE can use any band combination such as V+V, V+U, U+U and U+V. The receiver is designed for broadband reception and also covers the aeronautical radio band in AM.

The transmitter offers a maximum of 50W transmit power, switchable to 25 or 5W. In order to dissipate the heat generated by the power amplifier, the FTM-300DE transceiver is built on a robust die-cast aluminium chassis, which is equipped with special air ducts (FACC).
The display is colored and offers a resolution of 320x240 px (QVGA). In contrast to other mobile transceivers from Yaesu, the 2 inch display is not a touch display, the operation is done in the classic way via buttons and rotary knobs on the side (separately for each band).
The band scope uses the color display to show 63 channels left and right of the currently selected frequency. This way no activity in the surrounding area is missed. The detachable control unit can be mounted on the main unit or operated separately, the necessary cable is included in the delivery.

The standard Bluetooth function offers very comfortable operation. This allows the use of headsets like the Yaesu SSM-BT10 or other compatible headsets. Using a headset enables safe radio operation in the car even while driving. The FTM-300DE C4FM transceiver offers over 1100 memories for your favourite frequencies. The stored frequencies are automatically sorted by band: Air band, VHF band, UHF band and General. This simplifies the overview of the large number of memory locations. All settings and also the memories can be stored on an optional MicroSD memory card (max. 32GB). Voice recording and playback (Voice Recording) also uses the memory card.

To be able to use the usual navigation functions and location data in C4FM, the FTM-300DE has a built-in GPS receiver with 66 channels. An external GPS receiver can be connected optionally. This allows the use of the well-known functions like display of direction and distance to the opposite station, backtracking and more. Also other functions known from C4FM technology like Digi Group ID and Digital Group Monitor are supported by the FTM-300DE. Of course you can also use the 300DE with the Wires-X system. The necessary connections for the optional HRI-200 interface are available.

Included in delivery:

  • DTMF microphone SSM-85D
  • FTM-300DE Radio
  • FTM-300EN Control panel
  • Short cable to the control unit
  • Long cable to control unit (3m)
  • USB cable
  • DC cable with fuses
  • Instruction Manual

Video about FTM-300D (German language narration):

Technical Data
Supported Bands 2m
Weight [kg] 1.10 kgs


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