Yaesu SCU-17 CAT-/Soundcard Interface w. built-in soundcard

Yaesu SCU-17 CAT-/Soundcard Interface w. built-in soundcard

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The Yaesu SCU-17 is an interface to run with digital operating modes for almost all current Yaesu transceivers. The SCU-17 works as a USB sound card, therefore only one USB cable is required between interface and computer. The interface isolates all signals galvanically to avoid potential ground loops. In doing so the audio-in and audio-out, PTT, FSK and CAT signals are transmitted. The key signals are seperated by Opto-isolators, the audio signals by coupling transformers.

The SCU-17 is protected by a metal box to avoid irradiation problems by HF. There are two control knobs on the front panel for the NF-levels (Input, Output). This way the modulation level is adjusted in seconds without having to bother with the sound card dialog of the computer. Furthermore the front panel has three LEDs displaying the status of 'Power', 'PTT' and 'FSK'. The SCU-17 uses the USB port as the power supply.

Shipment already includes several cables, which simplifies the use with current Yaesu transceivers. Some models require an optional cable. The SCU-17 is designed in a way that even transceivers with a classic RS-232 interface can be connected to modern computers via USB.

Installation requires to download and install the "Virtual COM Port Driver" from the website of Yaesu company. Caution: Install prior to connecting the interface to your computer! Drivers can be found on www.yaesu.com under 'Products', 'FT_DX1200', 'Files', 'SCU-17 USB Driver (Virtual COM Port Driver)'.

Shipment SCU-17

  • Yaesu SCU-17 interface

  • Printed user manual (english)

  • USB A/B-cable

  • NF-cable 2x 6pin Mini-DIN

  • Serial cable 2x 9pin SubD

  • 2x 3.5mm stereo jack

Of course, with self-made cables you can connect virtually all other transceivers, of other manufacturers as well. The pin configuration of the SCU-17 interface is specified properly in the user manual.

Transceiver Required cables
FT-450D As included in delivery
FT-817ND / FT-818
Option CT-62 required
FT-857D Option CT-62 required
FT-891 USB-Cable A/B required
FT-897D Option CT-62 required
FT-950 As included in delivery
FT-991A See footnote [1]
FT-DX1200 As included in delivery
FT-2000 (Variante 1) Option SCU-21 required
FT-2000 (Variante 2) Self-assembly with CT-39/A required
FT-DX3000 See footnote [1]
FT-DX5000 (Variante 1) Option SCU-21 required
FT-DX5000 (Variante 2) Self-assembly with CT-39/A required
FT-DX9000 (Variante 1) Option SCU-22 required
FT-DX9000 (Variante 2) Self-assembly with CT-39/A required

Other transceivers like the FT-991A or FT-DX3000 don't need a sound card interface like the SCU-17, they have a USB interface built in which offers exactly these functions (CAT control, audio in/out).

Technical Data
Product Name SCU-17


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