Diamond SG-9500 PL TribandAntenna 2m/70cm/23cm PL

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Technical description SG-9500PL

The Diamond SG-9500PL is a high quality and durable tri-band mobile antenna for VHF (2m), UHF (70cm + 23 cm) with consistently good gain values. The maximum permissible transmit power is 100 watts (2m + 70cm) and 50 watts in the 23cm band. The stainless steel radiator has both closed and open coils. 

The SG-9500PL has a PL plug as connection, but is also available with an N plug. It is designed to be completely "Radial-Less" and can therefore be operated in all three bands without additional counterweights. The weight is 320 g, the VSWR is better than 1.5:1.

An articulated joint completes the equipment.

Application description SG-9500PL

With this tri-band antenna, you get great flexibility in band selection, here three bands can be served with only one antenna. 

The good gain values of the SG-9500PL can be a decisive advantage when operating while driving. 

Due to the weight of the antenna, a secure mounting should be ensured. 

Before entering the garage, the antenna radiator can be folded down in no time, so the annoying unscrewing of the antenna can be dispensed with. 

Technical Data
Product Name SG-9500PL
Stacking 23cm 2 x 5/8 λ
Height 100
Supported Bands 2m
Gain 1296 MHz [dBi] 9.7
Gain 432 MHz [dBi] 6.3
Gain 144 MHz [dBi] 3.15
Brand Diamond
Stacking 2m 1/4 λ
Color Chrome
Mono-/Multiband Tri band
Stacking 70cm 1/2 λ
Max. Power [W] 100 W
Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Mobile Radiator
Connector PL-Stecker

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